A new set of pictures featuring Finn Jones (Game of Thrones) and Jessica Stroup (90210) on the Iron Fist set are making the Internet rounds. Stroup plays Joy Meachum in the new series, a childhood friend of Danny Rand and these pictures show Rand meeting Meachum as she exits her building. Rand looks like he just got back from Burning Man and Meachum doesn’t exactly look thrilled to see him.

The images come from Just Jared:






OK, let’s get the gorilla in the room out of the way. Although this looks like the whole series is set in the 70’s, it’s more likely that the pair are just hipster dressers. Rand looks pretty messed up though, no shoes, dirty clothes, that’s gotta be blood on his pants, it almost like he took those clothes from some bum in an alley. Perhaps he had a fight or two before tracking down his childhood friend.

We’ll find out sometime in 2017 when the fourth Netflix Marvel series Iron Fist hits the small screen in an explosion of binge worthy television.

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