It has become well known that Simon Pegg is just like the rest of us. He’s a nerd, unapologetic in his love for sci-fi, horror, and comedy. The difference is Pegg isn’t just a Star Trek superfan, he’s the writer of the upcoming Star Trek film. He recently reached out to share that ultimate fan goal with some other Trek fans, possibly also giving us a glimpse into some details for the upcoming Star Trek Beyond. Pegg is co-writing the Beyond script with Doug Jung, while reprising his role as Scotty on the Enterprise. Few details have emerged about the 3rd movie in this latest Trek series but Pegg allowed a few hints while at CinemaCon last week.

Pegg knew exactly where to turn when it came time for some detail work on the upcoming Beyond. The Wikipedia page Memory Alpha is a wealth of information when it comes to anything Trek and Pegg along with Jung took full advantage of the page. Alpha became their go to source particularly when searching for information on the NX vessel.

This mention by Pegg of the NX could mean that the ship will have a significant role to play in Beyond. Some early concept art would seem to back up that theory as well. Pegg continued his use of the folks at Alpha by asking them directly to name a device used in the film. The Alpha fans were no doubt happy to help, as within 2 hours they had a lengthy detailed reply ready. It seems Pegg isn’t just a fan, but is appreciative of the fans as well, saying “It’s fantastic to have that support network.”

While not much more has been released in the way of plot regarding the upcoming movie, Pegg did deny any correlation between this film and the original series’ 3rd film. With the recent poster showing a damaged Enterprise, and both franchises using Khan for their 2nd film, it’s a pretty easy jump to say we’ll be seeing a new version of The Search for Spock. Pegg doesn’t deny those coincidences but maintains that the plot will remain separate from Spock. It seems though, that we heard similar denials regarding Benedict Cumberbatch’s character in 2013.  This year is the 50th anniversary of Star Trek and fans are just hoping that the odd numbered Trek curse, acknowledged even by Pegg himself in Spaced, will be broken with Beyond. 

We also have the new television series from Bryan Fuller to look forward to as well, though it won’t be on screen until 2017. Star Trek Beyond will hit theaters July 22, 2016 with Justin Lin taking over the helm as director, and previous director J.J. Abrams shifting over to a producer role.

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