The 1990’s were a wonderful time.  The music was some of the best, America had the grooviest president in the White House since, well, ever, and movie fans had some of the best science fiction that Hollywood has ever offered.  Among those sci-fi offerings, 1996 brought Roland Emmerich’s classic, Independence Day.  A big budget affair that somehow managed to find the perfect balance between action and emotion, ID4 has been ripe for a sequel almost since the end credits finished rolling.  20 years later, those that have been waiting to continue the story that ID4 started are finally getting their wish and if the new trailer for the sequel, Independence Day: Resurgence is any indication, it has been worth the wait.


In the new film, twenty years has passed since the original alien attack, and in that time, we have been able to adapt some of the alien technology for our own use.  For twenty years, those that were in the battle have been waiting for the aliens to come back for revenge.  Now, as those aliens head back to Earth, the planet is ready with a whole new generation of soldiers, ready to fight the good fight.  Check out the new trailer.

If you didn’t get goosebumps by the end of that trailer, you may be made of wood.

Independence Day was one of the most solid science fiction films to ever hit screens.  The CGI was spot on, the humor was completely on target, the action scenes were filmed with precision, and, god DAMN, that presidential speech given by President Whitmore may be one of the best presidential speeches ever given, in fiction or IRL.  Actually, let’s relive that moment because, really, it just never gets old.

Who else feels like kicking some alien ass, now?

The cast of the new film includes returning members Jeff Goldblum, Bill Pullman, Vivica A. Fox, Brent Spiner and Judd Hirsch, while adding newcomers Liam Hemsworth, William Fichter, Maika Monroe, Joey King, and Sela Ward.  Of course, Roland Emmerich is the man piloting the ship again and if he can find that magic again which, judging by the trailers, seems entirely possible, June 24, 2016, may be another day for science fiction fans to cheer.

How do you feel about the new trailer?  Which returning character are you most excited to see again?


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