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In 2015, Zach Neil and Brian Link opened a bar in New York based on the filmography of Will Ferrell. From day one, ‘Stay Classy New York‘ was a quirky place that, many may assume, would come to depend on its Tuesday free pizza parties and Sunday boozy brunches to keep a continuous crowd coming in after the novetly wore off. But the Friday night Anchorman parties and the Smelly Pirate Hooker cocktail have proved quite consistently popular.

The two guys have announced they will be opening a second bar.

Also based in New York, the new place will be based on the work of Tim Burton.

Only little snippets of information have already been released, but there are some things that we know for sure.

The bar will be called Beetle House and its pride will be its selection of cocktails, all a piece of fine creative work, artfully crafted and based on Burton’s most popular and best known films. Take, for instance, Sweeney Todd, incarnated and now ingestible as the The Barber’s Bloody Mary, which mixes bacon flavoured vodka and a garnish of celery and bacon into the classic recipe for that old brunch favourite.

Chocolate Factory Martini

Twists on classics can also be found in the The Fleet Street Margharita, made with Fireball and sour apple pucker, and the enticting Barnabus Collins; Bulleit Rye whiskey, crushed brown sugar, chocolate bitters and peychauds bitters.

Other drinks appear to be wholly orginal, built from the ground up to reflect the character or movie they were built around. Jack Skellington has his own drink, comprised of pumpkin, cinnamon and apple liquers, apple cider and ginger beer. It’s well worth also looking out for the Glen or Glenda and the sharing size Big Fish Bowl, made of vodka, Malibu, Blue Curacao, sweet and sour mix, Sprite, apple juice and topped with Nerds and Swedish fish candies.

This is Halloween cocktail

The food is equally cleverly planned, with a menu that features such delights as the Eggs Skellington, Sweeney Beef and Cheshire Mac.

If the new venue is anything like it’s Will Ferrell precursor, the themed fun won’t stop there. It seems only reasonable to expect parties that feel like its Halloween all year round, all cobwebs and dark shadows and every kind of ooky, spooky surprise.

It is reportedly due to open in late April – so hopefully there will be some reviews on the horizon some time soon. In the meantime, eager fans of both Burton and booze are keeping  watchful eye on the Facebook page for updates.

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