From The Floor Of PAX East 2016

While you’re sitting at home reading this, PAX East 2016 is currently underway in Boston. Also known as the Penny Arcade Expo, the show highlights some of the best games in the industry. Some are already out and some will be coming out. Either way, this is one of the best chances to get your hands on them before anyone else does. In addition to video game, attendees can also learn some of the best board games in the world and watch as people dress up as some of their favorite characters from video games and other media.

Major Video Game Highlights

While the shows don’t have a definitive theme, there has been a clear sign as to what direction the industry is going as far as gaming or technology goes. This is definitely the year of virtual reality. Not only was Oculus Rift present, but Sony was also at the expo to show off their new VR sets due out in the fall. Smaller, independent companies also had games they developed or published for VR on display as well.

A big title on display was Battleborn by Gearbox Software and published by 2K Games. The game is a fast and intense, first-person shooter video game. It recently ended one of it’s beta sessions where those who wanted to were given free access to play with others in order to stress test the game among other things. Battleborn features all types of characters with different play styles. One such character looks like a mushroom who throws knives at his opponent and has the ability to heal it’s allies. The game is due out this May for the PC, PS4 and XBox One.

The biggest display award goes to Blizzard Entertainment who was on hand to show off their latest title, Overwatch. The game is a team based, first-person shooter. Still in Beta, it’s extremely popular with players clamoring to get their hands on it. However, the wait will be over soon when the game is released near the end of May. So why does a game like Overwatch need more exposure? The main reason is because the game will also be available for consoles and demos were available for the public.

It’s not always about video games

The Penny Arcade Expo has always called itself a gaming convention, meaning it’s not just about video games. When the main exhibit halls closes, feel free to walk over to the table top gaming area. Both open at the same time, but the table top area stays open until midnight.

Many people also take this opportunity to cosplay. Dressing up as one of your favorite characters from a video game has to be the highest kind of compliment for that fictional character in your life. Whatever the meaning, you are now an embodiment of that person. Not only that, but the cosplay community is one the tightest communities ever. If you’re good enough, you and your friends could even form a team. One that travels to all different kinds of conventions just to show off your work.

PAX Gaming Arena

One of the new highlights of PAX East 2016 was the expanded gaming arena. Last year there were only a couple of stages set up for teams to compete against each other. This year, featured more arenas. Fans had the option of watching League of Legends, Call of Duty, Overwatch, and more. One game in particular, Heroes of the Storm, was even  on ESPN 2.

On a final note, if you happen to be in town this weekend for the show, make sure to check out Uber. Not only is it a convenient way to travel around the city, but the company paired up with Blizzard to offer rides in one of the few customized vehicles on display this weekend. If you’re lucky enough, you may be picked up in a Lamborghini Aventador, Polaris Slingshot, or a Ford F650 Supertruck. The Lambo was themed after Tracer, the Slingshot was themed after D. Va, and the Ford F650 Supertruck themed after Soldier 76.

Also, if you wanted to go but weren’t lucky enough to get passes within the 20-30 minutes the show sold out in, you’ll have plenty of other chances because PAX East will continue to be Boston at least until 2023 when their contract is up for renewal.

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