Marvel Drops ‘Inhumans’ From Its Schedule, For Now


Marvel have been talking about making an Inhumans movie from as early as March 2011, and there has been no shortage of tantalising updates in the time since. Stan Lee was reporting talking about development in 2012 and a script by Joe Robert Cole, who also wrote the Black Panther movie due for release in 2018, was said to making good progress in the summer time of 2014.

By October, the movie had an official release date. The movie would come to our screens in November 2018. Officially.

Then, it got pushed back to July 2019.

In October 2015, it was reported that Cole had been taken off the project altogether, meaning that the remaining team would have to start over from scratch, script and all.

Now, Marvel have gone one step further. They haven’t just pushed it back again, they’ve taken it off their upcoming release schedule altogether.

After everything, this isn’t really a surprise. Even though fan reactions to news about the Inhumans movie have been generally positive and supportive, other projects have tended to take priority. In the meantime, movies like Antman are going to get sequels that were initially never part of Marvel’s plan.

This doesn’t mean that there is never going to be an Inhumans movie. It just means that Marvel has no idea when they’re going to get around to making it, and that they’ve given up taunting us with deadlines they’re not going to be able to meet. Instead of missing deadline after deadline, the plan seems to be to give us one when they have a more realistic idea of when it’ll actually be ready.

Hopefully, this means that they’ll use the extra time to make sure that the final product is going to be worth the wait and use this extra time to give the project the attention it deserves, instead of cramming it into a much shorter time period that won’t do it justice.

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