Some breaking news regarding Nathan Fillion has come out regarding his character in Guardians of The Galaxy Vol.2. Some of you may remember last year when Fillion’s name was closely associated to GoTG Vol. 1, when many people thought that he end up playing the character, Nova. Nova, of course was a member of the Nova Corps., the group that originally captured the Guardians in the in the first film. However, that turned out to be incorrect, and instead Fillion ended up voicing on of the inmates in the prison. And now today it’s been revealed who Fillion will play in the upcoming sequel. Warning, there are minor spoilers ahead.

If you’re ready to be spoiled a little then keep going, otherwise, you should probably look away. According to reports, it looks like Nathan Fillion will be playing Simon Williams. If you’re unfamiliar with comics, then you have to be asking yourself, “Who is Simon Williams?” Well this is Simon Williams:

You may also know him by his other name, Wonder Man. Now, Wonder Man an awesome superhero, but he’s a very interesting character because of the ties he has with other characters who are already in the MCU and at least one other person people want to see in the MCU. As for one name that he’s already connected to is Baron Zemo – who is scheduled to make his debut in Captain America: Civil War. Zemo is the reason why Simon Williams became Wonder Man. Another character Wonder Man has a connection to is Carol Danvers, aka Captain Marvel. And as many of you know, Captain Marvel is another character looking to make her way into the MCU in the near future.

The question remains, how does Simon Williams fit into Guardians Vol. 2? To tell you the truth, as of right now, Simon Williams is Simon Williams. Meaning, it’s not known if we’ll see Williams actually become Wonder Man. But it is a definite that the character will be in the film thanks to some set photos taken. The photos reveal a small film festival celebrating the work on Simon Williams. Posted outside of the theater that the film festival will happen at were mock posters with Fillion’s face on them. One of the posters portrayed Fillion as Williams as Tony Stark in a “Steve Jobs” type bio-pic. Take a look at the photo gallery below.

Finally, the news also reveals that part of the movie will take place on Earth. Whether or not the scenes are present day or in the past remains a bit of a mystery.

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Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 2 will be in theaters on May 5, 2017.


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