On May 4th we celebrate the saga set a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away and October 21st is the day we remember the man that went to the past, kissed his mother and came back to… Well, you get it. Pop culture is slowly but surely taking over the calendar and one more day couldn’t hurt! 26th April has been deemed “Alien Day.” The day has been chosen as a reference to the planet on which a ship filled with Xenomorph eggs landed and was subesequently discovered by the Nostromo team, the planet Acheron, also known as LV-426. This year marks the thirtieth anniversary of James Cameron‘s follow up to Ridley Scott‘s Alien, the aptly named… Aliens.

Cameron reflected on the film that has had an unbelievably successful run in its thirty year lifespan. In an interview with Famous Monsters of Filmland the Avatar and Titanic director spoke about the stunning visual effects of the movie,

“We developed a pretty good little palette of techniques that were relatively straightforward and inexpensive and required a lot of craftsmanship.”

Considering the age of the movie, the effects have stood the test of time particularly in an age where, as Cameron says himself,

“There’s less hands-on craftsmanship in visual effects these days because so much can just be fixed downstream, digitally. Almost anything can be corrected or hidden or added to or enhanced with CG now.”


One of the most important elements of Cameron‘s reflection on Aliens is the fact that he was making a sequel to another director’s film. This is something that often changes imagery and the central ideology of a film but Cameron wanted to avoid that. He took Ridley Scott‘s 1979 original Alien into serious consideration when creating the follow up’s style. He spoke of his two main goals.

“The first goal was to honor and continue what Ridley had started. And the second goal was to make it my own film.”

Thirty years on and James Cameron is ruling himself out of any upcoming Alien projects with four Avatar sequels in the pipeline. Don’t worry though as Neil Blomkamp is moving closer to Alien 5 and Ridley Scott is looking at a Prometheus sequel named Alien: Covenant looking to be released in 2017.

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