The latest television spot for the Russo Brother‘s Captain America: Civil War is online and making the commercial rounds on television and features another look at Tom Holland‘s Spider-Man. This time around we get to hear more from our favorite Web-slinger’s witty repartee as he takes on the Winter Soldier, Sebastian Stan. There’s just ten days to go until the North American premiere, and things are heating up on the press rounds for the cast.


Here’s the new clip:

While Spider-Man’s appearance in Civil War has been reported as a small one, it’s quite possible that he’ll also provide another big shock moment besides his first time joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We could get the Civil War Spider-Man beat down and unmasking on a much smaller, yet still poignant moment between Spider-Man and Captain America and Iron Man.


His lines in this clip still aren’t enough to get a real feel for how Holland’s voice will fit the character, and we’ll hopefully see a very talkative Spider-Man that can’t shut up while fighting… or any other time for that matter.


The one characteristic of Spider-Man that shouldn’t be forgotten in his staggering intellect. Peter Parker is a whiz kid, quick on his feet scientifically as he is while fighting.

Are you ready for more Spider-Man?

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