If you were to ask any Batman fan to list their top five Batman stories, inevitably, 1988’s ‘The Killing Joke’ will appear on that list.  Chances are, it would be near the top, if not sitting in the top spot itself.  The infamous graphic novel written by Alan Moore, with Brian Bolland taking the illustration duties, is one of the darkest stories written about The Dark Knight and, really, that is saying something.  Somewhat of a dive into the psyche of The Joker, the story manages to tell the origin story of The Clown Prince while simultaneously telling the story of the same man as he attempts to drive Jim Gordon insane in present day.  Any Batman fan knows just how dark the story gets and if the new trailer for the film is any indication, things are going to be pretty true to the story.  


When fans heard that Warner Bros. was producing an animated film based on the absolutely brutal property, the excitement built; when it was announced that Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy would be returning to their characters of The Joker and Batman, respectively, the fans cheered; and when it was announced that the film would be the first Rated R film in the DC animated universe, well, it was possible to hear that roar of approval from space.  After all of this, could there really be more to get excited about?  Could Warner Bros. really give those diehard fans of the cowl any more inspiration to open their wallets and all but throw their money at the nearest retailer?  Well, today WB released the new trailer for the film and how about this? You be the judge.

Alright, if you didnt think that trailer was amazing, you may as well step away, as it’s going to get all lovey-dovey up in here.

For those of you still here, how wonderful is that trailer? Taking dialogue directly from the graphic novel itself was a master stroke on WB’s part and may have caused a goosebump or two to spring up for most fans.  How about that art work?  It seems that the artists behind the film truly wanted to recapture and, perhaps, even recreate some of the most iconic scenes from the property, itself.  Then again, director Sam Liu is no stranger to the world of comic book adaptations or Batman.  After all, he even won an Emmy for what he did with the animated series The Batman back in 2006.  The same could be said of producer Bruce Timm, who has been around Batman ever since Hamill and Conroy originally played their roles on Batman: The Animated Series.  So, if the world you see on screen in the film seems like home, there is a reason.

Timm had previously mentioned that the source material was not dense enough to create an entire film and that they would need to “add a lot more story”.  Just how much is yet to be seen but for those attending San Diego Comic-Con these year, guess what? You will be the first to see it.  For the rest of you, you will have to wait until sometime in July for the official release but you can bet that Nerd Bastards will be ready to provide a review and recap after the premiere for those who just cannot wait.

Which scene from the graphic novel are you most excited to see played out on screen?  Do you think that the studio will choose to keep the controversial Barbara Gordon scene as is, or will it have to be changed?

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