It’s a very busy time in the X-Men movie universe: Deadpool comes out on DVD and Blu-ray in a couple of weeks, X-Men: Apocalypse will be in theaters in less than a month now, and Wolverine 3, or Untitled Wolverine Sequel if you like, will begin principal photography soon. Really soon. Strange then that we still don’t know too much about it. Well here’s another piece of semi-ambiguous news, a well-known English actor has just been cast in the film, and all we know about his character is vague description. Richard E. Grant is joining the cast of Wolverine 3 as “mad-scientist type.”

Grant, who’s perhaps best known for his roles in Withnail and I and Gosford Park, but is perhaps a bit better known for his recent TV roles on the BBC’s Jekyll & Hyde and as the Great Intelligence on Doctor Who, has joined Wolverine 3 as a “mad-scientist type.” Correction, a “villainous mad-scientist type.” No doubt that Grant can knock it out of the park, he’s played that type before, but it’s worth noting that Grant will not be the main villain. That honor will go to Boyd Holbrook who’s playing the “relentless and intense head of security for a global enterprise.” Whatever that means.

On the hero side, we know that Hugh Jackman is back as Logan for his ninth time (counting that now confirmed Apocalypse appearance) playing the man who’s the best at what he does. He also know that Patrick Stewart will appear as Professor X and that the setting is in the future at some point. Jury’s still out that Old Man Logan is the basis for the film’s story.

Wolverine 3, or whatever it’s called, will be in theaters everywhere March 3, 2017.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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