Stan Lee is going international. The prolific comic guru has yet another superhero moving to the film world. This time it’s a little more unconventional. Lee’s hero Chakra is going to Bollywood! India’s version of the Hollywood scene has yet to take the U.S. by storm and the take over is long over due. Superheros are ruling the box office so this could open a door for a whole new audience to discover what India already knows – Bollywood films are an entertainment extravaganza.  What could be better than an all singing, all dancing action film? A singing, dancing superhero that’s what!

Stan Lee’s very own Chakra The Invincible is set to get the live action film treatment Bollywood style. While not well known in the U.S. Chakra made his debut three years ago in a movie for Cartoon Network India. You can check out a bit of the animated film below to see Chakra in action.

While not up to the animation standards we expect usually, the character is definitely interesting. Chakra or Raju Rai is described as a child or man depending on the story line, who has a techno suit which unlocks all his chakras and gives him superpowers. These superpowers allow him to fight villains all across the exotic Mumbai back drop. A more benign Indian Iron Man perhaps?

Hopefully this news may lead to more international superheros, and an expanding Bollywood presence in the U.S.  Lee is understandably excited about the property moving into the live action film world, which only leads us to the inevitable question – is a Stan Lee cameo in the works too? It would be worth the price of admission just to check out a technicolor Bollywood dance number featuring Stan the Man.  How exactly does one say Excelsior in Hindi?

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