As fans eagerly (or not so eagerly) await the long delayed Dark Tower movie adaptation and now have a release date to look forward to when it comes to the It remake, another of Stephen King’s works will be hitting the big screen much sooner and, chances are, this one won’t even offend many of King’s Constant Readers.  Cell, based on the 2006 novel by the same name, tells the story of a world driven by cell phones – cell phones that turn their users into zombies. No, this isn’t a piece of King’s non-fiction work, though it may sound rather prophetic.  The novel is creepy and fast paced and if the new trailer is a true representation of the film, it appears the adaptation will follow suit.


Reuniting John Cusack and Samuel L. Jackson after 2007’s King adaptation, 1408, Cell tells the story of a father who is trying desperately to get back to his son as the world falls into chaos around him.  Take a look.

The film looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun and the best part?  Cell isn’t one of King’s most beloved properties.  The novel doesn’t come along with the baggage that the aforementioned Dark Tower or It films do, including the rabid fans or the almost holy status of the source material.  Judging by the trailer, Cell will likely use the novel as a rough skeleton by which to build on, but this is no page-by-page recreation of the novel on celluloid. And, really, this is absolutely not a problem.

King’s works are generally very, very good, with many of them becoming horror classics. Because of King’s mastery of the language and his creativity, his novels generally draw their readers into the story and completely envelop them within the words that make it up.  However, not every single one of his almost 60 novels have been gold.  Cell, while a very interesting story, would likely be considered one of the few that may have missed the mark.  The book felt much less personal to King than his other works and almost felt more like an attempt to jump into two popular genres at once: zombies and superheroes (the zombies begin to develop psychic abilities in the novel).  The book was rather commercial and while fun, Cell really didn’t separate itself from the herd and kind of hangs out in the back of King’s works, along with From a Buick 8 and Dreamcatcher.  Considering the way that Cusack and Jackson brought 1408 to life, however, the Cell film adaptation has a whole load of potential.  Keep your fingers crossed.

Cell hits home theaters for VOD on June 10th before making its big screen debut on July 8.

Based on the trailer, which movie do you feel is more prophetic: Cell or Idiocracy?

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