Deadpool 2 is choo-choo training its way towards a sequel, with all of the original creative  team for the film on board. While everyone is excited to see what ways they’ll keep the franchise “fresh”,  one of the most talked about reveals for the sequel (that was confirmed in the film’s second end credits tag), is the inclusion of Cable in the film.

The cast and creative team behind the franchise have been quite vocal about how they want to bring Cable to the seque, and what they hope his dynamic with Deadpool would be like onscreen.

In a recent interview with IGNdirector Tim Miller, screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick shared what they’re looking forward to exploring by including Cable in the sequel:

“There’s a lot about Cable’s history that I like because he’s so intertwined with the world of the X-Men. Why he was put together with Deadpool – other than that he was in a comic that wasn’t selling well and Deadpool was in a comic that wasn’t selling well so they put them together – it’s the same reason we had Colossus; he’s a straight man. And I think Deadpool needs a straight man. Cable is the ultimate, archetypal, silent, strong and cynical warrior, which Deadpool is not.”

Reese added:

“Strength, gravitas, a purposefulness that Deadpool doesn’t have. Deadpool’s kind of got ADD, and we think of Cable as someone who locks onto something and is going to get that thing solved no matter what.”

The creative team behind the film continue to demonstrate a fundamental understanding of what makes Deadpool, by adding that whatever actor takes on the helm to portray Cable will need to be “physically imposing” as well as an alluring and entertaining character. Of course no matter who they cast as Cable in the film, I’m sure that the sequel will live up to what fans are hoping will be delivered by the franchise which is:  a ballsy, faithful comic book adaptation that we very hardly see onscreen.

This is the main reason why this film has been so successful earlier this year, and is one of the shining lights of the Marvel Cinematic Universe canon. The films don’t need to be straight-from-the-page adaptations of comic book stories, but the characters need to be genuine portrayal. Deadpool’s interactions with the audience and other characters in the X-Men and Marvel universes are so enthralling to read, so to see that translate onscreen from here on out is truly what matters in the long run.

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