It’s time once again for our favorite Mystery Box. We’ve been a fan of the Geek Fuel box for some time now and for April they certainly haven’t disappointed. Geek Fuel generally has a theme of some sort to each box and for April they combined a couple. This means that fans of a few different nerd nations will be pretty pleased with this box. Whether you are a hardcore Marvel fan, a Star Wars geek, or a Timelord in training April’s mystery box is jam packed with items to enjoy.

Geek Fuel, like the rest of us, is of course anticipating the upcoming release of Captain America: Civil War. In honor of that release they have included a pretty darn spiffy T-shirt. There is always a shirt included with each mystery box, but this one is a pretty cool throwback. The shirt has Cap and Iron Man duking it out Rock em Sock em Robot style. If anyone out there doesn’t remember the great joy of Rock em Sock em, please dig through your parents attic and find the robot set – it’s there! We received the tan shirt in a very comfy XL, but there is also a light purple shirt that some subscribers received.

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Either way this shirt with the Blue Bomber vs. the Red Rocker brings back all the childhood memories of broken robot toys and undecided sibling bouts all the while amping us up for the real battle between Cap and Iron Man just a week away. So there’s a very cool T-shirt in the box, but that’s not all. Keeping the theme of Civil War, we also have a Cap sticker as well as info on this month’s giveaway.

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Each month Geek Fuel gives away even more badass stuff than what they include in the box. There are still a few days to register to win their Civil War prize which of course means picking a side. This month will have two grand prize winners, a Captain America prize package and an Iron Man prize package.  The Cap prize pack includes a Kotobukiya Captain America ArtFX+ Statue and a 500gb Xbox One, with bonus controller. The Iron Man pack includes a Kotobukiya Iron Man Variant Marvel Now ARTFX+ Statue and a 500gb Playstation 4. You can jump over to to enter.

Ultimate Captain America Civil War Giveaway! Win an Xbox One or PS4 Courtesy of Geek Fuel.

Now for the non Marvel portion of the box we still have a ton of things to dig through. There is a downloadable Steam game – Fallen A2P Protocol. The game is a turn based strategy quest for revenge which takes place in a post-apocalyptic world. The game started on Kickstarter and is a nice little throw back to games like X-COM or the original Fallout.

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For the Star Wars fans among us we have a Funko First Order StormTrooper Bobblehead. Funko always produces top notch collector’s items and toys and this one is no different. Nicely detailed all the way down to his gun, which surely would hit nothing even if it could fire. This bobble head is actually one of two that were possible this month. Some subscribers received the Flametrooper instead. Either way a nice little addition to the Star Wars collectible shelf.

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Up next we have the Doctor Who portion of the box. First we have a Doctor Who comic with variant cover. The edition we received has the full color doctor, while others received a nice old school black and white style cover. The adventures of the Tenth Doctor await us in the pages, when we need a break from binge watching episodes.

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The Doctor Who goodness continues still with a funky little piece of home decor. What does any fan of the Doctor need? Why T.A.R.D.I.S. coasters of course!!! This set of coasters depicts the good Doctor’s travels throughout art history. The T.A.R.D.I.S. is placed strategically in the background of four famous works of art. The iconic police box  is just outside the diner window in Nighthawks, blends perfectly into the Starry Night, lurks behind the couple of American Gothic and crashes beneath the Great Wave. These coasters are sure to impress your fancy art friends as well as elicit a few giggles from your fellow Whovians.

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The final inclusion of the box is the monthly Geek Fuel magazine. This month’s edition is packed with interviews, bios, pictures and a handy little geek gift guide with items ranging from the pricey stained glass Iron Man lamp – which let’s be honest, who doesn’t need that??- to the more manageable Han/Leia ring set.

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All in all this month’s box was a tidy little package, maybe not quite something for everyone, but not every box can be. This month though did cover several bases which is better than most subscription services can say. If you’re interested in picking up next month’s mystery box you can do so at a reasonable cost. Geek Fuel offers several different options to fit your budget. The month to month is $17.90, a 3 month subscription works out to $16.90 per month while a 6 month subscription breaks down to $15.90 a month, and the best overall deal is the one year subscription which will work out to $13.90 per month. Even at the month to month cost these boxes are well worth the price of admission. Every month you get a t-shirt as well as assorted collectibles and more, not to shabby for less than 20 bucks.

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Special bonus note Geek Fuel boxes are cat approved too!!  *Cat does not come with any Geek Fuel box*

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