The internet was created to be an open forum of ideas and opinions. The problem is that not all of those opinions are going to be positive, or even fair. As the saying goes, everyone’s a critic and no-one understands this better than the cast and crew of the upcoming remake of Ghostbusters starring Kirsten Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones.

The trailer for their film is currently the most disliked trailer on YouTube with 507,610 dislikes. It feels as if there has to be an ulterior motive behind the amount of disdain that is felt towards this film. Particularly when The Ridiculous Six‘s trailer was only tarnished with 5,083 dislikes but managed to get a frightening 0% on Rotten Tomatoes and the remake of The Fantastic Four gained 20,175 dislikes, which seems measly compared to 500,000 in question here. So, why all this hatred?

If you take a scroll through the comments, you will see that the hatred is not limited exclusively to the dislike button with people leaving vile remarks at will. What seems to have happened is that the film has already been judged by its cast and trailer and that is where people are willing to leave it. There are some who genuinely believe that the Ghostbusters legacy is being used as a piece of propaganda to promote feminism. Others think it is there to make a quick buck without any real forethought for the audience or the original films.

People can and will express their opinions with the thumbs up and thumbs down buttons that are so easily clicked. The proof however will be in the pudding, when the film is released in July of this year. Trailers can be an incredible indicator as to the stature of a film but they should never be taken as gospel. So here are a few things to remember. If you don’t want to see the movie you don’t have to, no-one is forcing you. If you have an issue with the fact that the film has four female protagonists, the issue isn’t with the film but with you. Finally, if you’re disliking a trailer just to up the votes for a bit of a giggle, you may need to get out more!

Films are only as good as their final product and Ghostbusters is due for release July 15th by Sony Pictures.


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