There are certainly tough times for the Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment executives that were hoping that Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice would be a license to print money. It’s weird to think of a movie that’s made almost $900 million at the worldwide box office as a failure, but there it is, a failure enough to make some people start thinking twice about the course that’s been charted with the DC Extended Universe movies. The rumors are mounting though, and the new one today is that the King of Atlantis might be without a director to tell him what to do in his upcoming solo movie. 

According to Birth.Death.MoviesAquaman director James Wan is “feeling tremendous amounts of trepidation” about making the film. They don’t say why he’s feeling “trepidation” or whether that feeling comes from something in himself or outside forces, but apparently second thoughts are all the rage these days. Yesterday, news hit that Seth Grahame-Smith had walked away from The Flash solo movie due to the age old, yet perfectly ambiguous excuse, “creative differences.”

So with how much salt should we take this news? On the one hand, Wan is a man that seems most comfortable in the realm of small budget horror, and he’s created quite a successful niche for himself in that regard with his next directorial effort The Conjuring 2 as well as Lights Out, which he produced, coming out this summer. His sole big budget credit, Furious 7, had above average levels of difficulty because one of the lead actors died in the middle of production. Perhaps he might be gun shy about taking on another such project. Still, Wan was still excitedly talking about the film last month at WonderCon. Could he have lost faith so badly in the space of a singular month?

Looking at the issue more broadly, there have been signs that there’s at least some behind the scenes doubt about the DCEU plan. Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman are in various stages of production sure, but what’s all this talk about a new solo Batman movie directed by Ben Affleck, and a new Green Lantern movie directed by George Miller? Those aren’t on the books. There are obviously a lot of rumours circling, but nothing concrete. Perhaps the picture will begin to clarify itself as we get closer to San Diego Comic Con…

Unless Warner Bros. says otherwise, Aquaman will be in theaters everywhere on July 27, 2018.

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