The Internet can be a minefield of misinformation, from simple mistakes to the intentional stirring up trouble type. Another form that has been developing lately is the chain effect. Where one page reports something as a rumor or some whispers heard and another site picks that up, and then another, as the rumor is diluted until some sites start reporting those rumors as confirmed facts. Over the weekend one such story hit the Internet, that included both, a confirmed fact (Flash director Seth Grahame-Smith had left the production due to creative differences) and some whispered rumors that many took as fact, that James Wan was, “feeling a tremendous amount of trepidation about Aquaman,”  which many turned into Wan’s exit from the movie. Now Wan has taken to Twitter to clear the whole thing up, and ask the Internet to lay off the guy who started the whole thing.Here’s Wan’s first tweet of the day:

Just so no one would misunderstand his picture, Wan tweeted this as well:

Well that explains why someone might have gotten a shrug from Wan about Agauman the last few weeks and taken that as a, “tremendous amount of trepidation.” Wan also went on to say this:

That was certainly gentlemanly of Wan to take the high road. NerdBastards reported the Wan rumor as just that, a rumor of the day. It’s news because of Grahame-Smith’s departure, and the possible exit of another director could tip over the already troubled DC Cinematic Universe. It’s also very possible that those sources were correct and Wan is feeling a little worried about Aquaman and is just looking to reassure Warner Bros. that he intends to direct and work through those issues. Perhaps that is why he asked everyone to lay off Devin, because what he heard was true, but not something Wan wanted repeated.

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