So once upon a time, we started a joke that started the whole world clamoring for a Netflix Dredd series. It was April Fool’s, and we were young and salty, but who would have guess that years later  – YEARS! – that article still would have been quoted as a legit thing that was possibly in the works. So keeping all that in mind, there’s some news from the weekend that seems to indicate that the idea at the heart of that joke may become a reality. A real player, with the real Dredd, recently indicated to fans that there may be doings transpiring in regards to a Dredd series.

While at the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo Saturday, Dredd star Karl Urban said that “conversations are happening” in regards to a continuation of Dredd on a streaming site like Amazon or Netflix. For the record, that’s not easily confirmable, and fairly vague. At what level are the “conversations”? Are they happening? Have they happened? Is there actual interest, or are they just pitching the idea to various networks? And who are “they”? Those three simple words are all that Comic Book Resources reported.

It’s been discussed before, but despite the film’s cult status and some strong home video sales, Dredd just wasn’t successful enough to warrant a sequel. However, fans have been determined to get Dredd new life on TV, where the threshold is not nearly as high as movies in order to be deemed a success. With Netflix picking up The Punisher as a series, picking up Dredd might make for a nice two-fer for the over-the-top violent antihero audience, but we’ll just have to see if Urban is humoring us, or if these conversations turn into actual action.

In any event, happy dos de Mayo, everyone!

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