Space Jam 2: internet millennials have spent years asking for it, and now it finally seems to be happening. With LeBron James on board, the Looney Tunes can finally dust off their Air Jordans and head back to the basketball court for some intergalactic athletics. Of course, with this highly-anticipated sequel comes the inevitable questioning of who Warner Bros. will get to direct it. Since Joe Pytka won’t be returning to direct the next film, fans have been hoping for a director who can deliver the same fast-paced animated excitement of the original. Fortunately, the director they are now looking to sign is no stranger to the term “fast-paced.”

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Justin Lin (Fast and Furious 6, Star Trek: Beyond) is looking to direct and co-write Space Jam 2 for Warner Bros. He is also set to produce the film through his Perfect Storm Entertainment company, and will reportedly be heavily involved in the project’s creative development.

After many years of development, a number of factors gave Space Jam 2’s production some srious momentum last year. First off, the success of Jurassic World made “nostalgia” the new buzz-word in Hollywood. Next, LeBron James signed a deal with Warner Bros. through his SpringHill Entertainment company shortly after his acclaimed small role in the hit comedy, Trainwreck. Finally, an Air Jordans commercial starring Marvin the Martian and Los Angeles Clippers player Blake Griffin pretty much confirmed that a new Space Jam was on the way. The pieces were finally coming together, and with today’s announcement, it seems like there’s no turning back now.

While no release date has been announced yet, the Hollywood reporter says that Lin is currently working on the script with Andrew Dodge and Alfredo Botello. Lin’s next film, the controversial Star Trek: Beyond, is set for release this July. If that film flops with audiences, it’s possible that Warner Bros. will end up hiring someone else. For now though, it seems like Lin is going to end up helming Space Jam 2.

If all goes according to plan, you can prepare yourselves for another thrilling battle with toons, athletes and aliens…and lots of intentionally hilarious product placement for good measure.

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