LEGO Gives Star Wars Fans A Treat For May 4th


Lego Star Wars has been an unwavering element of Lego‘s adaptations and it doesn’t look like slowing down. If anything, Lego Star Wars is picking up speed, as they develop Lego sets, films, TV series and video games. The video game series has been ongoing since 2005 and is releasing another title next month. The title of the latest installment is Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens and in celebration of Star Wars Day, Lego have released a trailer for the upcoming game.

If you google the game’s name you will see that people all over the internet are losing their minds over the fact that Han Solo says “Wookie cookies” in the game. Despite the inclusion of some space aged scooby snacks, there is another thing that grabs the audience’s attention. The game has original recordings from the main cast  The Force Awakens. For any fan of the franchise, this is huge and a perfect reason to play through the game. Along side this there are missions that create stories stemming from Episode Seven that can’t be seen in any film. These include Han and Chewy hunting for rathtars and what can only be described as a meeting of two great Star Wars minds as Poe Dameron rescues Admiral Ackbar from what will undoubtedly be a trap!

In true Lego style, there will be an abundance of characters to play as, an insurmountable number of easter eggs and gags for players and fans alike to enjoy and the gameplay style we are all accustomed to with plenty of twists to keep the game feeling fresh. Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens will be available on all major platforms from 28th June. Just one more facet of the expansive Star Wars universe for fans to enjoy and explore!


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