flash 2x20 Explosion part 2
All season long, The Flash has been nothing but consistent. With the possible exception of last week’s episode, each episode has told a story within a story and has done an exceptional job not missing a beat. This week’s episode, titled “Rupture,” could have easily been the season finale. With that said, it’s amazing to believe that there are still three more episodes left until the end. For now, fans will have to deal with the consequences of this episode. How to deal with it, though, is the ultimate question and the answer may be hard to come by.

If you haven’t figured things out by now, this is the part where you’re warned about possible spoilers. If you don’t look away, that’s your fault. Or maybe you want to know what happened on last night’s episode without watching it? You’re sick. Speaking of sick, here’s a sick photo to avert other people’s eyes from seeing what they don’t want to see.

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Powers or not, a true hero’s work is never complete. So it makes sense seeing Barry and company working to fight crime with all the tech surrounding them at STAR Labs. You have to admit, holograms are cool, but is the idea even plausible. It doesn’t matter. It’s television. Back at the lab, Wells continues to campaign for Barry to recreate the particle accelerator explosion to try to give him his powers back. However, like anyone with a normal brain should, he’s having reservations about sitting in an electric chair. So he does the only thing he can do and visits Henry at his log cabin.

For a man who hasn’t been around Barry (due to certain reasons), he gives some of the best advice like he’s always been there. Come to think of it, the scenario makes perfect sense. A parent would just know the right things to say to their kid, and this was a great example of that in action.

flash 2x20 Dad knows best
Well just doesn’t know when to quit. That’s probably why he’s become so successful on his Earth (being smart also helps). But as he and Cisco get into the heat of things regarding getting Barry his powers back, Cisco has a vision of his brother. Thankfully, Zoom is no where near him in the vision. Still, it’s enough to concern Cisco and he leaves to talk to his sibling. Meanwhile, Barry arrives at the lab with his dad. They meet up with Iris and she learns that Henry may be coming back to Central City.

At the CCPD, Zoom makes a guest appearance and causes everyone to clear out, including Joe and Wally. The two head back to the lab where Wells is adamant that Zoom will eventually kill everyone in the area. This just adds fuel to Wells burning campaign to get Barry’s powers back. He feels the heat but needs more time to think about the possible consequences of their actions.

flash 2x20 Zoom at CCPD
Cisco finally meets up with his brother, and things seem to be all clear. There’s even that awkward and invisible distance between the two. After their meet up, Cisco frantically leaves the bar after seeing the news report about Zoom being back in the city. Cisco’s brother races after him to see what the problem it. By the time Cisco can begin explaining himself, both of them are attacked by a masked man who calls himself “Rupture.” As it turns out, Rupture is Dante from Earth-2 and has been hired by Zoom to take down the Flash. Cisco and his brother manage to make it out alive, but not before a couple of vehicles are destroyed. And now Dante (Earth-1) has got questions for Cisco.

After checking in, Cisco and the crew work on a way to apprehend Rupture without the Flash. Meanwhile, Barry and Iris have a moment at the site of the next possible accelerator explosion. She basically confirms her feelings for Barry. When asked if she felt the same way last year, she basically said yes, but couldn’t do anything because she was with Eddie. Talk about dropping a bomb right before you might kill yourself to save the world. Caitlin (while being dragged along by Zoom) manages to get a message out about a potential attack involving Rupture.

flash 2x20 Iris drops bomb
While waiting for his brother, Dante reads a letter on Cisco’s desk talking about how he went over to Earth-2. He confronts Cisco about the letter in which Cisco then talks about the powers he recently discovered. Dante seems to take things fairly well, but Cisco leaves to help Barry and the gang. Once again, Barry and Cisco use the holograms to trick Rupture and capture him. Seeing this on a live news feed, Zoom becomes angry and races over to the scene where Rupture is being held by the CCPD. Zoom kills everyone in the room except for Joe and the captain. He, unfortunately, makes an example out of Rupture. Having witnessed the death of his brother’s doppelganger, Cisco immediately walks over to his brother and hugs him, telling him that he wants to make things better between them both.

With the events of what just happened embedded in Barry’s mind, he is compelled to do whatever it takes to get his powers back. Everything seems to go according to plan until Barry dissolves into thin air. However, the resulting blast from the particle accelerator may have effected other people in the lab. And there’s no word on if it may have effected other people in the city. In fact, there’s no telling how far the dispersion reached. The only thing that is known is that Barry is gone and all that’s left is his suit.

flash 2x20 Aftermath

If Jon Snow can come back from the dead, so can Barry Allen. Oh, you didn’t know that Jon Snow is alive? Oops. Well, first of all, let’s just get this one out of the way. Barry Allen is not dead. Besides the obvious, the Speed Force is a tricky thing to maneuver. First of all, in the DC Universe, the Speed Force is an actual entity. Some would even say that it’s conscious. In fact, it chooses who gets to be a speedster in the DC Universe. So it’s possible to make the argument that the Speed Force chose give Barry Allen super speed. For what reason is unknown, but for now, just leave it at that.

As for the consequences, audiences know what happened the last time a particle accelerator exploded. Also, didn’t anyone else think that two blast doors may not be enough to protect them? In regards to comic lore, Harrison, Joe, Iris and Barry’s dad will probably be fine as a result of the explosion. Cisco already has powers. However, the big deal revolves around Wally and Jesse. Originally, one could have made the argument that something was going to happen when Cisco called for the lightning at the same time they were fiddling with the controls of the door. Nothing happened though. That’s why when they were hit with whatever Barry disintegrated into, a collective “whoa” could be heard all over social media. This is going to be something that all your friends will be talking about in the break room. What’s that? You have no idea why people are going to be talking about this? Here are two names you need to learn about if you’re a little clueless right now – Wally West and Jesse Quick. Google those names along with the phrase “DC Universe.”

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Let’s talk about how this one of the most emotional scenes of the season (maybe even the series). Kudos to the special effects people who work on this show and, in particular, that scene. When Barry’s face began to fall apart, your jaw must have dropped. Watching Barry possibly fry up in that contraption is one thing, but to have him blow up into nothing was insane. And to make things worse, all of the right elements to make you feel terrible were in that room. You have Wells who’s responsible, Joe who was like his father, Henry who IS his father, and Iris who just laid out all of her cards in front of him. Then, to add insult to injury, Zoom races into the room and basically says, “Nice job killing the Flash!” And then races away.

The villain of the week was Rupture. Now in the villainy sense, Rupture was your every day bad guy. He had the ability to shoot lightning and wielded a cool looking scythe-thingy. But what he really brought to the table was so much more, especially when it came to the relationship between Cisco and his brother. Sadly, the relationship the two had at the beginning of the show is something that a lot of siblings can relate to. In fact, it struck a certain chord with this writer. Seeing that scene where Cisco walks into the room and just hugs his brother is the end result that, hopefully, everyone strives for. And if you didn’t get choked up during that moment, you may need to consult professional help.

flash 2x20 Rupture
How about that bomb that Iris dropped tonight? How many of you felt the same way Barry did when she told him about her feelings? Last question, did anyone else say the same thing he did when she did it? “Why tell me now?” It’s weird having the ball in your court. It was great when Barry had moved on with Patty, but then she left and he was a wet mop of emotions. Until last night, it seemed Barry had been doing fine and even walked with more purpose ever since Patty left him. But having this kind of weight on your shoulders changes the game by a lot. However, it was a good move on her end and couldn’t have come at a better time.

Really? There are still three episodes left in the season? Hands down, this is the best episode of the season. The next two episode may not have to be, but it’s hard to imagine how the season finale should be better than this because it’s a season finale – it has to be better than this episode. If it is better than this episode, people’s heads may just literally explode. Some items that should be mentioned: listening to Zoom and Rupture talk to each other was like listening to Megatron and Starscream talking about their plans to defeat the Autobots and Cisco had some great one liners at the end of the episode, “Expecto Patronum!” and “Great Scott! It works!”

Rupture” overall grade – A/A+

The Flash airs every Tuesday @ 8PM EST on The CW. Check out this preview for next week’s all-new episode directed by Kevin Smith.

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