It’s one of the most well-known Batman stories ever written, one that’s influenced the comics, the movies and all other Batman ephemera for almost 30 years now, and as you’re undoubtedly already aware, Batman: The Killing Joke is coming soon to a Blu-ray player near you. Warner Bros. Animation and DC Entertainment announced last year that they were taking on the seminal Alan Moore and Brian Bolland story and bringing it to life in a new animated film, and now you’re only a few months away from seeing it for yourself. Mark your calendars, because Warners knows exactly when you’ll get your chance to see The Killing Joke.

And that date is August 2. That’s an interesting day for release because it’s just three days before the big screen release of Suicide Squad, which will feature the live-action debut of Jared Leto’s portrayal of the Clown Prince of Crime. Obviously, the studio is counting on some synergy there, but for those that just can’t wait, you can get The Killing Joke on Digital HD July 23. You can also pre-order it now by clicking here. The cover art for the Blu-ray is yours to see below.


The Killing Joke features the all-star voiceover face-off between Kevin Conroy as Batman and Mark Hamill as the Joker, reprising their Batman: The Animated Series roles in this retelling of the Moore/Bolland story where the Joker shoots and paralyzes Barbara “Batgirl” Gordon (Tara Strong) and kidnaps her father Commissioner Gordon (Ray Wise) to prove that all it takes for someone to give into madness is one bad day. The story also reveals the supposed origin of the Joker as a failed comedian that gets sucked into organized crime in order to make a living for his wife and unborn child. The Killing Joke will be the first DC animated film to be rated R.

Once again, the release date for Batman: The Killing Joke is August 2.

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