The first season of Supergirl has been a success for CBS, but in the weird case of the so-called Tiffany network, the definition of success is somewhat graded on a curve. For example, a show like Person of Interest would be a huge hit on every other American network, but because it airs on CBS it’s does so-so in the ratings, hence its fifth and final season being burned off this May and June. That brings us back to the Girl of Steel, another hit any network would be glad to have, and as fate would have it, they may come September. According to reports, Supergirl may be moving to the CW.

According to The Wrap, the high price tag for Supergirl, the fact that it’s steadily lost half it’s initial audience over its first season, and the additional fact that CBS doesn’t own the show outright (hence no future syndication/home video/streaming sales) have the network thinking twice about renewal. It’s a strange position to be in, but CBS has yet to renew any of its freshman shows, and time is running out because CBS has to announce its fall schedule with all the rest of the networks in just a couple of weeks. With only so many slots, The Wrap is suggesting that there may be no room for Supergirl.

“Both sides have a potential out. [Head of CBS Les] Moonves could push ‘Supergirl’ to The CW, which as it happens is a joint venture between CBS and Warners (Moonves and his team are responsible for programming the network). Such a switch would make perfect sense. The youth-skewing CW already has “The Flash” and other superhero franchises (there was a crossover between ‘Supergirl’ and ‘The Flash’ this season), and its audience is much more aligned with ‘Supergirl] than is CBS’ much-grayer viewership.”

The CW was originally in the running for Supergirl, but CBS made the better offer even though the CW is pretty well-known as the home of superhero, and The Flash and Supergirl have already crossed paths as you know. Of course, the CW has a similar problem in that they have more shows than they have airtime, and they’ve already renewed every single one of its programs currently on the air. Still, Supergirl would fit snugly on the CW schedule, so if CBS doesn’t want it, the CW will likely take it.

So where will Supergirl land next TV season? Stay tuned.

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