Kevin Smith is a man who is loved (as well as demised) throughout geek culture. A screenwriter, director, actor, film fan and full time nerd. When Silent Bob speaks, people generally like to hear what he has to say. One of the many avenues in which to hear Smith speak his affinity for comic book and all they inspire, is his podcast Fat Man on Batman. In his most recent episode, Smith reviewed Captain America: Civil War and he had plenty to say about it with is co-host Marc Bernardin.

WARNING: the article itself is spoiler free, however if you want to watch the podcast (which is available below)… It is full to the brim with spoilers!

It is safe to say that Kevin Smith loved Civil War. The podcast episode is over an hour long and within the first five minutes of reviewing the movie, Smith makes some bold statements about Captain America: Civil War being unparalleled to any other movie and goes on to give it an incredible piece of praise,

“What a streak [Marvel] are on. Unbreakable. Unbeatable. A Marvel-ous streak where you’re just like ‘Can they do anything wrong?'”

Kevin and Marc pick through Civil War and their favourite bits during the episode, one of which being a large scale fight, set in an airport. Kevin goes off on a positive rant about it,

“I was sitting there watching the scene going this is glorious, this is the greatest fucking superhero fight ever committed to fucking film. This is insanely wonderful, joyous, all of it is logical and makes sense, fun as fuck, good times!”

You may think this is excessive and overly positive but what is wonderful about Smith‘s reviewing style is that he justifies every word of it. You can see a real love for the film and the Russo brothers, as Kevin Smith becomes progressively more wide eyed as he recalls on more and more of the movie. It truly is a glowing review of the movie and if anything else, just an enjoyable hour and fifteen minutes where Smith and Bernardin will make you smile and rue the fact you aren’t watching Captain America: Civil War right now.

You can watch the Fat Man on Batman podcast below. Captain America: Civil War is out in cinemas now.

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