Independence Day: Resurgence is still over a month away but the promos are hyping up for the long awaited sequel. 20 years ago we fought back against alien forces overtaking the Earth, now we’ve used their technology to fortify our defenses and that includes the ESD or Earth Space Defense. The ESD has a new recruiting video starring William Fichtner which you can check out below. 

The video gives a few more clips of the upcoming film as well as Fichtner pitching enlistment in the ESD. If you are so inclined you can join up here. Don’t worry about the U.S. Army branding, you won’t be secretly recruited into the actual military. Instead, if you join up you can check out some new footage of the movie. There are four missions available for completion and each one will grant you access to a short featurette. It is yet to be seen if these missions indicate information already being used in the movie or if they are part of important plot points that will be discovered throughout the film. One such mission involves decoding alien transmissions which could easily be something Jeff Goldblum’s character David has already cracked given that he did as much in the first film. The alien microbe mission could just as possibly be a key plot point to figuring out how the aliens really take over other worlds.

Even with all the speculation Independence Day: Resurgence is looking to be a decent follow up to the original. If nothing else the mini games here give us a fun way to kill a few minutes and amp up our desire to see Bill Pullman reprise his Presidential role, or ex- Presidential role now.

June 24th can’t arrive soon enough, though the timing of the original’s release on July 4th weekend was much better, still we will have to wait and see if the old gang and the new heroes can capture the same magic we saw on screen in 1996.

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