Just when you thought Ryan Reynolds and the Deadpool marketing team couldn’t break any more walls, they do just that by appearing in Screen Junkies Deadpool Honest Trailer. Now that is taking things to the next level. FYI, it is safe for work, there’s plenty of beeps and bloops to cover what you know Deadpool is really saying.


Honest Trailers delivers another fine video trailer with the added bonus of Ryan Reynolds himself. There’s no new footage, but new dialogue from the Merc with the Mouth. Go ahead and bust a gut.

Well that made the afternoon a little better. Now if we could just get Deadpool in some other X-Men movies, or perhaps Hugh Jackman’s last Wolverine movie? Considering that word is the movie will use the Old Man Logan plot, why not replace Hawkeye with Deadpool… holy crappola what a road trip movie that would make.

We can dream…

Via: Screen Junkies

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