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Fire birds, grass goats, water snails, dolphins, owls, crococdiles – fan theories about what fans can expect from the new Pokémon Sun and Moon games have been raging practically since February, when it would first announce that there would be more games in the series. Some of them seemed pretty convincing. A few had some sneaky back stories about journalists taking surreptitious photographs of sketches from inside the Game Freak building. There were some fine pieces of fan art that a lot of people really wanted to be real, some Pokémon that looked like they would be a lot of fun to play with.

There were some die hard fans out there who were already planning the kind of teams they wanted to build based on the rumours that were floating around about the new starters and legendaries and mega-evolutions.

While a lot of details about the bulk of new Pokémon in the tropical Alola region is still unknown, fans have finally been treated to a glimpse of the new starters and legendaries in the newest trailer, released today.

Though brief, it shows off a lot of the new region, with tall palm trees and golden sand beaches fitting well with the rumours that it was planned to be based loosely on Hawaii. It offers a look at the two new characters you will be able to play as, as well as a cheery new Pokémon professor and his assistants.

Best of all, it gives us our first official introduction to the new Pokémon that will fight alongside us in our all new adventures.

A handful of the fan theories came close when they thought up designs based on owls, seals and cats, though mock up art had only a passing resemblace to Rowlet, Litten and Popplio.

Theories about the legendaries came close too when some people were talking about a lion shaped fire type.

Though the names of the new legendary Pokémon haven’t been officially revealed, their sprites have along with the official box art for the new releases.

box art

Fans also now have an official release date to count down towards. While from the start, Nintendo had suggested a Christmas release, they’ve now confirmed that the new games will be out on November 18th 2016, so perhaps a little earlier than some fans had guessed.

Reations to the new information is already mixed. Some people aren’t too excited about the new Pokémon, but may come around when their later evolutionary stages are announced. Others have already fallen in love with their next starter and can’t wait to start their newest Pokémon journey.

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