Superman is a powerful character. Enhanced by earth’s yellow sun, Superman is imbued with super strength, super breath, heat vision, x-ray vision, the ability to fly, and more. He protects the people of earth, fighting battles and having adventures that mere mortals cannot. In the midst of all his astonishing power and heroic feats, you’ve probably thought once or twice, “Hey, I wonder what Superman’s grandpa was up to a few decades ago?” Well, you may have to wonder no longer! The people at SyFy along with creator David S. Goyer sensed your ponderings and are prepared to answer just that question, as SyFy has ordered a pilot for Goyer’s television show Krypton.

Krypton seems as though it will have more of a political aspect than an action aspect to it. The story will focus on Superman’s grandfather, who must fight to regain the honor of the House of El, while at the same time preventing his homeworld from descending into chaos. Of the series, NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment executive vice president Bill McGoldrick says:

Krypton is one of the most iconic stories in the comic book universe. In the talented hands of David S. Goyer and the DC Entertainment/Warner Horizon Television team, this exciting Syfy project will take viewers back to Superman’s home to show how the timeless legend began.”

If Goyer’s name sounds familiar, it might be because you recognize him from his work with Christopher Nolan on the Dark Knight trilogy, as well as his role in creating the most recent version of Superman in Man of Steel and the subsequent Batman v Superman: Dawn of JusticeIan Goldberg will serve as executive producer for the show, while Colm McCarthy (Peaky Blinders) serves as director and co-executive producer and Damian Kindler (Sleepy Hollow) acts as showrunner.

What do you think of this news? Are you excited about Krypton?

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