DC‘s latest foray into television, Powerless, is focusing on the other side of super powers. Those that don’t have any, but have to live in a world of heroes and villains and must deal with the aftermath of all those battles and damage. Ben Queen‘s (A to Z) creation Powerless, a comedic look at the fallout from all those superheroes and villains breaking things and just leaving the scene. Someone has to pay to repair or replace all those broken things not to mention all those people’s hospital bills. Airing on NBC sometime in 2016 or 2017, DC has just released some first looks at the new series.ndgflskgo21wognmxwza

Vanessa Hudgens stars as Emily Locke, an insurance adjuster who specializes in helping people caught in superhero battles. Perhaps someone hurt by flying debris, a shop owner whose store was trashed, or maybe someone whose car was used as a weapon during the fight.


It looks like there will be a number of DC superheroes popping in, perhaps a bit more obscure than the big three of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman, but in the pilot episode, Crimson Fox, played by Atlin Mitchell (Twilight) appears.


The cast is very familiar, along with Hudgens, there’s Alan Tudyk (Firefly), Danny Pudi (Community), and Christina Kirk (A to Z). The question is, will there be enough comedy there after the initial jokes about superhero battles aftermath have been done?

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