At a recent stop over at The Nerdist to promote his latest film Kindergarten Cop 2, perennial 80’s action star Dolph Lundgren threw his hat into the Deadpool 2 Cable casting ring. It’s pretty much a given that the Deadpool 2 production team will be pulling out all the stops to cast Cable and teasing us relentlessly about it until the ink dries on the contract for whomever they decide on, but before you dismiss Dolph’s desire, check out the incredible shape he is in for a man his age.MU0515_FE_DOLPH_18

Damn that dude is in fantastic shape for 58 years old. To help you get your mind around a Dolph Cable, here’s a mock-up of what Dolph in Cable get up might look like:


You’ve got to admit that he looks damn good in that. Here’s the video.

While he does have a brain fart on the name of the movie, he’s pretty sure that he’s ready to take on Cable. Let’s be honest though, there’s no way in hell that Deadpool 2 will cast Dolph as Cable. There are too many other more talented on the acting side of movies to consider. His latest film, Kindergarten Cop 2 is going straight to DVD/streaming without a theater run. There’s also the issue that having Dolph as Cable would take the audience out of the movie, he’d be a distraction to getting immersed in the film.

Dolph can pull off the Cable look, but he just isn’t the straight man to stand against Ryan Reynolds outrageous Deadpool. Cable has to be the straightest straight man in comic book history when it comes to putting those two characters together.

Via: The Nerdist


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