Spoilers ahead from last night’s Legends of Tomorrow episode “Destiny.”

Ever since he showed up on The Flash actor Wentworth Miller has been a breath of fresh air for CW’s superhero shows. At first, his character Leonard Snart, aka “Captain Cold” joined the show as a career criminal who gained access to one of STAR Lab’s weapons, the Cold Gun. Since then, he has towed the line between criminal and anti-hero. There were some times where he would help The Flash, but other times where he would eventually betray everyone to serve his own selfish interests. The former Prison Break actor also played the character with a unique level of depth that surely made him a fan favorite.

When he was then cast on Legends of Tomorrow, fans were excited to see him and his partner in crime Mick Rory aka “Heat Wave” as they joined the group of “Legends” who then tried to save the world. In the most recent episode of Legends of Tomorrow, the sometimes selfish criminal made the ultimate selfless act of sacrificing himself in order to defeat the Time Masters by volunteering to destroy the Oculus at the Vanishing Point which the Time Masters used to manipulate time, becoming the hero we all knew he could be. As far as we are concerned, he blew up along with the Oculus.

It was announced that actor Wentworth Miller will not be returning to season two of Legends of Tomorrow as a series regular. He was confirmed that he will still be a regular within the “Arrowverse” as per his contract with Warner Bros. TV. This means that we will possibly see him on episodes of The Flash, Arrow, and now Supergirl as well. So does this mean that he’s not “dead?” After all, the explosion happened within a McGuffin that is responsible for controlling time. He could possibly now be “lost” within time itself or gain the ability to travel throughout time as well. Perhaps he will simply be shown as past iterations of his character. Also, The Flash can run through time as well and could run into Snart that way as well. The possibilities for his character going forward are endless.

One thing’s sure, we’ll never get tired of that voice!

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