Fans of ABC’s Marvel series Agent Carter are not happy with the network’s decision to not pursue a third season for the show.  One fan went as far as to launch a petition with the aim of getting Agent Carter picked up as a Netflix series.  The petition was only launched a few days ago, but already has over 50,000 signatures under its belt.  Over on Twitter, Bridget Regan (who plays Dottie Underwood on Agent Carter), and G. Willow Wilson (who currently writes Ms. Marvel for Marvel Comics) have seen the petition, and both ladies gave it a re-tweet!

It’s nothing new, though, that the dedication and involvement of fans can be a powerful thing. After the surge of support after Constantine was cancelled, John Constantine found himself crossing over into the DC CW Universe. A slight hitch in the plans, however; Agent Carter herself, Hayley Atwell, has already moved on to another lead role in an ABC series. The show, titled Conviction, has not been ordered to series yet- so there may still be hope for you superfans!

Not ready to give up the fight?  Head on over and sign the petition

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