Steven Spielberg Offers Rare Praise for Comic Book Movies


Steven Spielberg. The name says “Hollywood” in a way that few filmmakers can realize now in days. He has an unprecedented string of financial and critical successes, awards, accolades, and an army of filmmakers inspired by, or mentored directly, by him. Still, he’s not perfect. He once compared superhero films to westerns, a fad of a genre that will wain one day when – perhaps soon – people lose interest. Most people took that as an assault on the genre, but in a recent interview, the master showed that he isn’t entirely a stick in the mud on the issue. In face, Spielberg confessed that a recent Marvel Studios movie had – Shocker! – impressed him.

While talking to a group of international reporters (through an outlet called Omelete), Spielberg offered rare praise for superhero movies, and one movie in particular, James Gunn‘s Guardians of the Galaxy.

“I like the Superman of Richard Donner, the Dark Knight, Christopher Nolan, and the first Iron Man, but superhero film that impressed me most is one that does not take itself too seriously: Guardians of the Galaxy . when his projection was over, I left with the feeling of having seen something new in movies, without any cynicism or fear of being dark when needed.”

“There is a difference between heroes and superheroes. The hero is an ordinary person who is faced with a serious fact and acts to modify it. A hero is a person who, walking down the street, see a car on fire and runs help the person who is in the driver’s seat, attached to the seat belt to loosen. Super-hero is a person who, on the same scene, would fly to the car and try to turn it upside down and shake it using his super strength , until the driver is released. I identify more with the first example. Film everyday heroes.”

Gunn meanwhile was grateful for the praise from a master of his craft, and offered a better translation.

Still, given Spielberg’s comments in the second paragraph, it’s safe to say that  he has no intention of making a superhero film himself, now or in the future; the closest he’s likely to get is the upcoming Indiana Jones 5. Still, it’s nice that we can all agree on the awesomeness of Guardians of the Galaxy.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 will be in theaters everywhere May 5, 2017; Spielberg’s next film, The BFG, will be released later this summer on July 1.

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