Dark Tower 2

Like it or not, the adaptation of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower is finally moving full speed ahead.  After years of false starts and failed attempts, King’s magnum opus is less than a year from hitting the big screen and filming has already commenced.  While the casting of the main character, Roland Deschain, has been one of the most controversial aspects of the new film, it has not stopped actor Idris Elba from stepping fulling into the role and today, we have the pictures to prove it.

Filming for the first film in The Dark Tower series is taking place in South Africa and taking the heat of the locale into consideration, you definitely have to give Elba some credit for donning The Last Gunslinger’s garb while playing the part. Check it out:

Now, think what you will about the casting of the character (casting Elba absolutely changes the entire Detta/Roland dynamic), the fact is that Elba looks damn good in that bit of wardrobe.  The costume is pretty perfect (other than the cell phone) but, really, how much can one tell from pictures?  While some do remain cautiously optimistic, many lifelong fans have already turned their nose at the new interpretation.  And, if reports are to be believed, an “interpretation” is all that fans of the novels should expect.

Those who have read an early draft of the film claim that the movie will deviate largely from the source material.  Besides starting the film series with the seventh book, there is talk that Jake’s rebirth into Mid World via the fight with the Door Monster will take place in the first movie and that the slow mutant scene (an essential scene when describing Roland’s obsession with The Dark Tower) will be completely absent. Add in the fact that Abby Lee is rumored to be playing a completely unnecessary new villain, while Jackie Earle Haley will be playing Sayre in the first film, and fans can pretty much guarantee that this will not be the film they have been waiting a lifetime to see.  If there is any saving grace, it is the fact that Matthew McConaughey is going to kill it as the Man in Black and, if the rumors are correct, Roland WILL be carrying the Horn of Eld.

The Gunslinger hits theaters February 17, 2017.


Source: Daily Mail

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