Vampire movies have been around for a long while and just when one might think they have seen everything that a vampire movie might be, along comes Therapy for a Vampire. Much like the vein of What We Do in the Shadows, Therapy for a Vampire takes a more comedic look at what a vampire’s life might really be like if they lived among us. Written and directed by David Ruehm, Therapy for a Vampire is the tale of Count von Közsnöm, vampire that has been married to his vampire wife for 500 years. Set in the 1930’s the Count has turned to Sigmund Freud for help with his personal problems.


While comedic, this trailer does look at a lot of the vampire troupes one would expect to find, but in a new off slant way. Therapy for a Vampire opens in theaters in New York and LA June 10th, and later to other cities across the country.

What did you think? It certainly looks entertaining and a unique look at vampires that is much-needed in this post Twilight vampire age.

Via: Music Box Films

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