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This week’s Game of Thrones episode “Book of the Stranger” (still don’t get the title reference) continued to move the ball forward. Daario and Jorah continued their road trip. The Greyjoy siblings finally reunited, as did a few Stark siblings. The Small Council reunited to finally start to deal with the Faith of the Seven. The Meereen Small Council had a dangerous deal with the Wise Masters. We finally got a Littlefinger sighting. And of course, Danny finally got her mojo back! True to the title of “Ice and Fire,” this week’s Game of Thrones started cold and definitely ended with a fiery bang!

Warning: This article contains spoilers from the “Game of Thrones” Season 6 episode “Book of the Stranger.”

Brianne Sansa and Podrick

In the North on the wall, Jon Snow is still getting used to being back among the living. It’s made him somewhat bitter. Last week we saw him basically give up being Lord Commander. As he and his trusted friend (and new Lord Commander) Edd were discussing Snow’s future plans. Edd reminds him not only of his oath but for the simple fact that they have to stop the upcoming storm of the White Walkers. Jon can’t bring himself to remain with the Nights Watch after they murdered him.

The horn blows, and we have visitors at the gate. Enter Brianne, Podrick, and Sansa Stark. For the first time in a while, fans are treated to an actual happy moment. Sana and her brother Jon Snow are reunited!

Jon Snow Sansa Stark

This was a happy hug because they haven’t seen each other since the first season. We seem to forget, but the Starks have been through a whole lot of turmoil on the show. To see them reunited was a heartfelt moment of happiness to see siblings separated for so long be able to embrace each other. Sansa immediately gets down to business, though. She is no longer the weak timid girl of past seasons. She wants Jon to marshal the Wildlings so that they can retake Winterfell and kill the Boltons.

Meanwhile, Melisandre and Davos are also discussing their next options. Melisandre now sees Jon Snow as her chosen one and she will serve him in any way possible, the same way she served Stannis. Speaking of Stannis, Brianne chats with the two reminding them that they killed her lord Renly Baratheon. So in kind, she confirms to them that she in fact Killed Stannis. Once interesting possible couple seems to be Wildling Tormund as he clearly has the hots for Brianne. They are both warriors, who knows if they might be the next couple to watch out for.

Jon wasn’t on board to going with Sansa to attack the Boltons until he received a letter from Ramsey not only advising him they have his brother Rickon but killed his direwolf and promises to continue to rape Sansa when she’s caught. This then sets Jon on the path that will lead to the inevitable confrontation. Jon will lead Wildlings as well as whoever he can marshal in the North to retake Winterfell and kill the Boltons.


Speaking of siblings being reunited, Theon and his sister Yara come face to face. It doesn’t go as well as the Jon and Sansa reunion did, though. She is still very angry at him for his betrayal when she attempted to rescue him from the Boltons. Theon apologized to her explaining away that he was broken by Ramsey ad begs for her forgiveness.

Yara is also suspicious as she thinks with their father dead, Theon will come and compete for the throne of the Iron Islands. Theon states that he wants to help her become ruler and will do everything he can to ensure that she wins the Kingsmoot.


Finally a Littlefinger sighting.

This “cameo” served to remind us just how cunning and conniving Littlefinger actually is.  With the young Robin Arryn under his control, Littlefinger is now trying to get those in the Vale involved in the war in the north over Winterfell.  Remember, if he marries Sansa, he could become Warden of the North, so he has to secure that spot.  What better way to take the North than to continue brainwashing little Robin to committing his troops for a War over Sansa.


Can we please kill Ramsey?!?

Every week, he just seems to get more and more evil, and there’s no stopping him. Hurry Up Jon Snow! This week he entertains Osha’s advances, knowing full well he’s aware of her using sex as a means to murder captives. This did work for Osha in the past, but it didn’t work on Ramsey. Just as she was attempting to grab his silverware to strike a killing blow, he already had a blade that he was ready to use on her and stabs her in the throat. Poor Osha, we just got reunited with you only to see you killed, but that’s how this show works!


In Kings Landing we also get to see Queen Margaery, who is still imprisoned by the High Sparrow and his followers. One thing about the High Sparrow, he’s certainly becoming a major player on the show. Each time he sits with someone and tells his side, his charisma shines through. Actor Jonathan Pryce could possibly get an Emmy nomination for his work on the last two episodes alone. He put the screws in King Tommen, and now was doing the same for Queen Margaery. He provides her with a little bit of his backstory, and he was once just a money and sex-focused as everyone else until he found his calling.

He permits her to see her brother Loras, who is way more broken than she was. Turns out Margaery is only playing reverence and she still wants for her and her brother to escape their current situation. She pleads with him to remain strong as they will get out of it soon enough.

Cersei Lannister meets with her son to discuss what they will be doing concerning the Queen going forward. Because of the High Sparrow’s charisma, he actually convinced Tommen that the path of least resistance would be for Margaery to have the same Walk of Shame that his mother had. Although he promised the High Sparrow he would tell no one, he told his mother, who in turns tells the Small Council. Cersei and her brother interrupt the council advising them of what will happen to the Queen, prompting the Tyrells to commit their army to finally confronting them.

Maureen Small Council

In Meereen, Tyrion is finding out that governing has its challenges. He meets with The Masters as they discuss slavery and the Sons of the Harpy. Tyrion confirms to them that although Daenerys Targaryen outlawed slavery, she didn’t put together an economic model to replace it, which made The Masters angry and gave rise to the Sons of the Harpy and cause a lot of chaos in Meereen.

Ever the negotiator, Tyrion negotiates that slavery will still be outlawed in Meereen, but it will be allowed to continue in Slaver’s Bay for an additional seven years while The Masters can figure out a new economic model to replace slavery. This disgusts Grey Worm and Missandei, who both were former slaves and don’t like such a compromise. They advise Tyrion that he doesn’t know the area and The Masters will take advantage of this. They are right. What works in King’s Landing may not work elsewhere. In public Grey Worm and Missandei confirm to others in Meereen that it’s the right thing to do, but they have their reservations. Many don’t know Tyrion, other than he’s Daenerys’ advisor, and he may not be trustworthy. Tyrion’s actions to appease the Masters might make him have an insurrection among his own peoples if he’s not careful.

Daario and Jorah

Daario and Jorah continue on their quest to rescue and save Daenerys. After some bickering about both of their feelings and their age difference, Daario discovered that Jorah’s arm is turning into stone. This is the first time someone has noticed that Jorah will eventually become one of the “Stone Men.” Although they were bickering a few moments ago Daario notices the problem and promises that he will “take care of him” when the time comes.

As the two make it to the Dothraki city Vaes Dothrak they have to discard their weapons and Jorah knows that anyone with weapons in the city will be killed. Daario however still sneaks his favorite dagger into the city. It comes in handy as they have to defend themselves against a few Dothraki who recognize them. The cover up the stabbing by bashing their victims with a stone to divert suspicion.

The two do run into Daenerys who goes outside with a fellow Dosh Khaleen member where they are outside to use the bathroom. As they are about to rescue her, Daenerys has a plan that doesn’t need them to save her as she will save herself. Of course, once again it looks like she’s drinking her own kool-aid and believing her legends, but this time, she’s actually right.

Daenerys Targaryen3

As she meets with the other Khals to decide her fate as a khal’s widow, she tells them that she will be the one to rule the Dothraki, much to their laughs and promises of rape and torture. Then Daenerys turns up the volume on them. Daario and Jorah locked everyone in their temple area, and Daenerys proceeds to set the area on fire. As she is “The Unburnt” she is the only one who is able to survive. As she leaves the burning temple naked everyone in the Dothraki city is amazed that she was able to kill the leaders and walk out escaped. The entire city, including Daario and Jorah, bow to her. The scene is very reminiscent of the season one finale episode “Fire and Blood” where a naked Daenerys emerges after being trapped in fire unharmed and everyone bows to her.

Daenerys got her groove back!

Next week looks like we will see more of Bran, and even get to see some White Walkers:


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