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Last week on Gotham, it was Team Good Guys (and a few bad guys) vs. Azrael as the resurrected lunatic went ape-shit trying to kill little Bruce Wayne. As it turns out, all it takes to kill an immortal is a good shot from a rocket launcher. And so, minus one super villain. Also, we saw Nygma trying to break out of Arkham while Selina was trying to break in. Only the latter was successful… sort of. This week, ‘A Legion of Horribles‘ sees the return of Fish Mooney and Firefly along with plenty of good guys vs. Hugo Strange action. Scroll on for the details.

We begin where we left off – with Bridget/Firefly going nuts on Selina. She’s been brainwashed by Hugo Strange and doesn’t remember her old friend. Luckily for the young Catwoman, she’s fast enough to dodge a flamethrower and strong enough to knock the rampaging arsonist out.

Over at the GCPD, they’re putting the final touches on the Azrael problem, although the next big issue is Azrael’s creator. Without any proof, the police can’t do much about the mad doctor, but Gordon isn’t held back by such issues. When he finds out from Bruce that Strange likely has Selina, he begins his crusade in earnest.

Meanwhile, back at villain central, Strange continues his experiments. He’s been raising people from the dead left and right, reprogramming all of their brains so that he can easily control them. One new subject happens to have a face that is almost… clay-like in its ability to reform. Unfortunately for Strange, he’s also at odds with his employers. They want true resurrection and Strange hasn’t achieved it yet. Not until he tries out his little rebirth program on Fish Mooney, anyway. She comes back, just as the others, but with her memory intact.

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Back with the good guys, they’re coming up with a plan to get into Arkham and find Strange’s secret lab. But, on the inside, Edward Nygma has foreseen this little development. He even offers up his services to help thwart Gordon and his allies when they come calling. Strange decides that’s a good idea and the Riddler-to-be enters into his employ.

Sure as sin, Bruce and Lucius Fox come for a visit. Bruce has a conversation with the doctor while Lucius takes a look around and Gordon infiltrates. Strange tries to convince Bruce that the junior millionaire needs to back off, all but saying outright that he killed Bruce’s parents, but Bruce holds to his morals. So Strange has no choice but to lock them all away.

But not everything is going as Strange hopes. Selina convinces Firefly that the “goddess” needs some servants and thus gains her favor. Fish Mooney discovers that if she touches someone she can make them do exactly what she wants. And Harvey Bullock gathers the GCPD for one giant raid against Arkham.

As everything comes to a boil, Strange tries one last trick. He takes the clay-faced inmate and gives him a copy of Gordon’s mug. So now he has an evil version of the former GCPD hero on his side. What’s more, he’s about ready to move all the valuable stuff out of Arkham and blow the entire place to smithereens. Something tells me that the inmates wouldn’t like that too much…


This week was a really solid build-up to what the next and last episode could bring to the table. It seems as if there are way too many balls in the air, but I’m hoping that the writers can pull it off with style. There will obviously have to be some sort of showdown between Gordon and Strange, but what part will Fish play in it? And what about Firefly and Selina? There are so many pieces on the board right now that anything could happen. If the writers try to make ALL of it happen, however, the season finale could turn into a complete clusterfuck.

As far as immediate positives go, I’m liking the evolution of Bruce and Alfred’s relationship. I mentioned it last week, but this week went further into the newfound trust that Alfred has for his ward. He’s still protective of the young Bruce, but he also knows that he needs to let Bruce make bold and sometimes dangerous moves. If Bruce is to become the man his father was, Alfred has to stand behind him, not in front of him.


I also enjoyed Bruce’s interaction with Hugo Strange. Pretty much every extended conversation that involves Strange is engaging, but watching him test Bruce and then watching Bruce try to hold himself together for the sake of the plan was exceptional. It was obvious at every turn that Strange is far superior when it comes to subterfuge, but Bruce is building his own skill set as well.

All-in-all, a very decent episode, though its longevity will rely heavily on what’s to come. If the season finale resolves in a way that’s satisfying and doesn’t just leave us with a “ya gotta wait for season 3 to see what really happens!” line of bullshit, Gotham will have succeeded at making season 2 a marked improvement on their debut.

Next week, the grand finale! ‘Transference’ pits Nygma vs. Lucius and Bruce, Mooney vs. the asylum and pretty much everyone against everyone else. Even the Penguin comes back to get in a little revenge time. Check out the trailer below for a short peek at that one.

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