It’s been a little over 11 years since “These Are The Voyages…” debut on television as the series finale for Star Trek Enterprise. For some, the show was a miss, but for the few it was a hit. However you look at it, the show was the last time Star Trek had graced fans with it’s presence in their homes. That all changes because today, CBS revealed the new logo and a tiny teaser for the upcoming new Star Trek series which will debut on CBS and then makes its way to CBS’s streaming service later.

Before you say anything or make some kind of snark remark, take a look at the teaser, then let it sink it, then make whatever comment you want out loud.

There, that wasn’t so bad. Was it? It was? Okay, in all fairness, the teaser didn’t really give away too much. There was a cool looking logo, there was some nostalgic music, but if you looked closely there was some very important information within the text. You just have to know where to look.

As it was pointed out in the report, the teaser mentioned “New Crews.” That means you can throw the old formula out the window. Star Trek is about to take on something new. And if there’s one thing Star Trek fans dislike the most, it’s the word “new” because if ain’t broke, then why fix it? And they are absolutely correct…to a point. There will come a time where you’ll have to try something new. The reason why fans should be excited about this is because this format will allow the writers and creators a chance to play around with their new toy. For all you know, a brand new series featuring a single crew could spawn from this “experiment.”

In a way, though, it almost doesn’t matter what they’re going to be doing with the crew(s) because there will also be new villains, new worlds, and new adventures. It’s a completely new beginning, for a new generation. Hopefully there will be some nods (and maybe appearances) by familiar faces, but fans will have to wait and see. Here’s a statement that was released by CBS along with the teaser:

“CBS Studios debuted a teaser trailer and revealed the logo for the new Star Trek series today at the CBS upfront presentation for advertisers at Carnegie Hall in New York City. Les Moonves introduced the first elements for the show, which will premiere in January, 2017.

The upcoming Star Trek series, from CBS Studios, has Bryan Fuller on board as executive producer/show runner, Alex Kurtzman as executive producer and Nicholas Meyer as writer and consulting producer.

In the U.S., a special premiere episode will air on the CBS Television Network and all subsequent first-run episodes will be available exclusively on CBS All Access. The series will also be available on television stations and platforms in other countries around the world.

Production on the new Star Trek series will begin this fall in Toronto, Canada.”

The new Star Trek series is slated to debut on CBS in January 2017.


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