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After last week’s episode of The Flash, how do you beat it? How do you tell a story that draws as much emotion from you for a whole 45 minutes? Easy. You present this week’s episode to the audience. Titled, “Invincible,” the audience gets a taste of Barry’s new found optimism after his brush with death and discovering that the universe is on their side. If you were in Barry’s shoes, how could you not feel good about your odds? Not even Zoom could stand in his way now. But when does too much confidence turn into overconfidence? Sure, it may have been spelled out from the beginning, but the end result was worth the wait.

If you haven’t figured it out by know, then all hope would be lost. This is a RECAP/REVIEW and will definitely contain spoilers. So if you haven’t seen last night’s episode, then you’ll definitely want to avert your eyes. To help you out, NerdBastards has placed a photo of something random to keep you from “accidentally” looking at something you don’t want to see. This will be your only warning. If you’ve seen last night’s episode, though, and are ready to move on, then scroll down some more.


This week’s episode begins with an all out war between the meta humans and the CCPD. After the captain gets hit, he, Joe and another cop try to get away. And just when it looks like they won’t make it, the Flash races in to save the day. Back at the lab, Caitlin has finally returned, but she’s not the same. She’s been broken by Zoom, but Barry reassures her that they’ll win because they have the Speed Force on their side. Barry takes her into another room to get some rest. Meanwhile, the rest of the crew talk about Barry’s new found confidence and are worried that it may get someone hurt, or worse, get himself killed.

flash 2x22 Central warzone
Cisco meets up with Barry, who is watching over Caitlin as she sleeps. He begins to talk about Barry’s confidence but is interrupted when he has a vision. It’s short, but it involves a dead pigeon. At Mercury Labs, a mysterious woman approaches the building. She begins to emit a sonic wave via her scream. It’s almost similar to that of the Canary Cry. Barry and Cisco get the message that Mercury Labs is under attack, and that’s when Barry runs into action. After being rescued, Dr. McGee thanks Barry by name showing that she knows who he is.

Out on the streets, Wally has taken it upon himself to fight crime. When things begin to look hairy for him, Joe shows up to take down the bad guy just before he’s able to unleash his powers on him. Joe then yells at Wally at why he would do such a thing, and Wally’s response was because he wanted to prove he was worth saving to which Joe replies, “You are.” However, Wally sees things differently and walks away. Back at the lab, Caitlin is running tests on Jesse to see if her DNA has been altered due to the explosion.

flash 2x22 Wally tries to be a hero
Barry is able to retrieve the “black box” that Mercury Labs owned in order to find out who brought the building down. He then assigns everyone with a task and they all break to get to work. But before they break, Barry reminds them all they have the Speed Force on their side. Henry takes Barry aside in an effort to bring him back down to Earth. Barry and his dad exchange some choice words, but are okay in the end.

Zoom makes his presence known at the CCPD and calls out Barry to talk. Barry shows up ready to fight, but to his surprise, Zoom just wants to talk. There, Zoom discusses the difference between the two . He calls Barry a little boy. In the background a building begins to come down thus proving that he won’t hesitate to kill. Barry returns to the lab where Joe asks him to talk to Wally once again in an effort to talk some sense into him.

flash 2x22 Zoom signal
Caitlin and Cisco continue to work on a way to beat Zoom. There, Caitlin continues to have flashes of Zoom. She and Cisco share a moment and he reassures her that she’s not alone and she’ll get through things. Barry catches up to Wally who is sitting in his car, listening to the police scanner. Their talk is broken up when a meta human alert comes in. Wally catches word about it over the scanner and races to the scene. When he arrives, Barry finally meets Black Siren, the Earth-2 version of Laurel Lance. Her sonic scream disables Barry and just when she seems to have the upper hand, Wally slams her with his car and saves him.

After the scene, Joe confronts Barry about not being much help to changing Wally. Barry uses the moment to reassure Joe that they have the Speed Force on their side. Iris swoops in and takes her shot at bringing Barry down. He listens, but it seemingly went in one ear and most likely went out the other. The crew gathers to go over a new device that Cisco and Wells have been working on to take down anyone from Earth-2. Before they can implement their plan, Black Siren makes her presence known at complex that houses hundreds of people. Cisco and Caitlin dress up as their Earth-2 counterparts in order to trick Black Siren and keep her preoccupied while Barry sets up the new device to stop the Earth-2 meta humans.

flash 2x22 Pretending to be bad
Cisco and Caitlin almost convince Black Siren to join their side when she discovers the truth about them. They begin to make a get away. At one point Cisco is able to tap into his powers and shoot out some kind of pulse wave, but when he tries to do it again he fails. Once again, things don’t look good but as Black Siren is about to make her move, Barry activates the device and the Earth-2 meta humans begin to fall one by one. Zoom, though, is able to make a getaway by opening a breach of his own.

It seems all is good once again in Central City. On a rare night, everyone has gathered at the West household to have a big dinner. Henry and Dr. McGee seem to hit things off and look like a potential couple. Barry and Iris finally decide to give things a try. However, as everyone is about to sit down to eat, Cisco has a final vision of Earth-2 being destroyed, and unexpected guest shows up. Zoom grabs Henry and runs out of the house. Barry runs after them, leaving Wally speechless. Barry catches up to the two at their old house where Zoom is still hold Henry hostage. Zoom has become frustrated with the fact that Barry refuses to believe the two are alike. In an effort to change his mind, Zoom kills Henry.

flash 2x22 Death of Henry

You could tell from the moment the show started that something big was going to happen. And it wasn’t until the end, when the tears started flowing down your face, that this was it. The feels really didn’t hit you until Henry told Barry to look at only him. Henry was going to die. It was a sure thing. And as an audience member, you felt exactly the same way Barry did – helpless. You could yell at your television all you wanted, but it wasn’t going to change anything. You almost wish that Zoom would just do it, so it could be done with. Then it happened. Zoom’s arm went right through Henry’s chest and all that positivity, all that optimism, all that crap about the Speed Force being on Barry’s side went out the window.

flash 2x22 Barrys reaction
The funny thing is, the signs have been there for a long time. Oh look, Henry’s back, and he’s decided to stay. Then you think to yourself, “Wow. Season three is going to be great with Barry’s dad as an influence.” It was too good to be true. And then, during tonight’s episode, when Henry met Dr. McGee from Mercury Labs, the idea of she and Henry becoming an item was the final nail on the coffin. However, in retrospect, looking at Henry’s death and the events leading up to it, major credit needs to be given to the writers of the show. This was a bold move that’s going to pay dividends. It’s just another point to add to the list of things the show gets right.

Speaking of getting things right, was there anyone out there who wish this was the Laurel Lance we got on the Arrow? Understandably, this version of Laurel comes from another Earth and is a villain, but something about this character felt very right. It could have been the confidence she carried knowing how good she was, knowing how she was a top lieutenant for Zoom. If this was the attitude that Laurel carried on the Arrow, her character would have gone in a different direction, one that probably could have shared the spotlight with the Green Arrow – something that many fans wished would have happened. By the end of the episode, this version of Laurel ends up locked away in STAR Labs, meaning her return is possible. One thing is for sure, if anyone from Arrow finds out that she’s being held, they may get uptight about it for all the wrong reasons besides just being super emotional about seeing Laurel alive, even though it’s another version of her.

flash 2x22 Black Siren
This was the highlight episode for Zoom (Teddy Sears). Up to now, there have only been stories about how much of a psychopath Hunter Zolomon is, but to see a live version of the man in action, in his full potential – it was almost unreal. Here’s a man who witnessed his mother being murdered by his father, then gets thrown into the system where he never finds the love and stability he’s longed for only to be tortured for most of his life in an effort to “correct” him. This is a broken man who will go to any lengths to get what he wants, and if that means breaking his opponent into hundreds of pieces, then so be it. Fans may be watching one of the best villains on television, ever.

Overall, this was another solid episode from the fine folks over at The Flash. Although, it wasn’t a title changer like last week’s episode. That has to do with the fact that you knew something was going to happen, and it was going to be really bad. However, it’s still a great episode in the fact that you don’t know who’s going to die until the very end, and even then, you don’t believe it’s still happened.

Invincible overall grade – B+

The Flash airs every Tuesday on The CW at 8:00 PM EST. Check out the trailer for next week’s season finale!

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