Remember when you first heard about Batman v. Superman:Dawn of Justice and you were super excited?  Unfortunately, things didn’t necessarily turn out as well as they should of and because of it…Well, Warner Brothers and DC really have a bit of a mess on their hands, don’t they? After the absolutely critically panned BvS, rumors about WB shaking things up continue to swirl and if THR has it right, things may be even stickier than they appear.  According to sources, thanks to Captain America: Civil War‘s box office grab over the past few weeks, WB/DC has finally made a decision to focus on shifting things in the DC Extended Universe before it gets too late.  


As of today, the worldwide gross for BvS stands at a little under $870 mil, and with a rumored $250mil budget, which isn’t chump change.  However, after being released almost two months later and on a similar budget, Civil War has already claimed more than $957mil around the globe.  When you are a bigwig at WB and you are looking at your game plan, these are not figures that can be ignored.  So, as any smart company would, WB finally started paying attention to those numbers and the reviews of the film, and have made the decision to assign two people to oversee the future of the DCEU: Jon Berg, a current VP, and Geoff Johns, a name that truly needs no introduction.  Now, this could definitely go either way.  While Johns has consistently produced killer stories in the animated arena, as well as taking into consideration the utter success of Johns as a comic book writer, no one should forget that he was also FULLY behind the ill-fated Green Lantern flick back in 2011 (only a co-producer but, man, he was out on those front lines during the publicity) or that making the move from animated filmmaking to live action blockbuster is not one that is a fit for everyone.  


The fact of the matter is that BvS honestly was not nearly as bad as people would love to claim.  Sure, it had its faults in Doomsday and Lex but, really, it was a Zack Snyder Batman/Superman film and delivered on every promise.  Not to mention, WONDER WOMAN!!! The fact is that there really was no hope for success, when you take in the instant hatred for the film the moment the Doomsday story leaked and fans realized they were getting hoodwinked.  Sight unseen, the film wasn’t horrible and there are at least a dozen films on either the DC or Marvel side (pre MCU, mind you) that are worlds worse.  Still, at the end of the day, movie making is a business and if grabbing two genre veterans can help push the future of the DCEU to a better place, then more power to them.  Really, at this point, could they do worse?

What are you hoping to see from the new arrangement?


Source: THR

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