AMC’s The Walking Dead has been immensely popular since the TV show aired in 2010. Due to the sizeable fanbase The Walking Dead created, it was no real surprise Universal Studios Hollywood announced an all year round attraction dedicated to the show. Universal Studios are well known for their immersive and often horrifying Halloween attractions that run from September through to the end of October. The fact that The Walking Dead attraction is open to visitors throughout the year means that regardless of the time of year, fans of the show can get a taste of first hand experience of The Walking Dead. The real question is, can a walk through attraction really generate a similar atmosphere to the show? Well, this week the world was allowed a sneak peak into the inner workings of the attraction that opens July 4th and it looks like they’re going to have a damn good go!

There are a number of elements to this video that are bound to get fans of the show excited and desperate to get to Hollywood. The sheer attention to detail on each animatronic walker is astounding to see. This is no real surprise as the work on the attraction is being overseen by special effects and makeup specialist Greg Nicotero who has spent the last six years working on The Walking Dead. Nicotero seems elated to put fans and newcomers alike into the centre of The Walking Dead universe. Here they will have the opportunity to come face to face with the walkers that make the life of Rick Grimes and co. a living hell. The overall aim for the attraction is authenticity and the team working behind the scenes seemed to have managed it very well. Using moulds and props designed for the actual show Nicotero and his team have meticulously created life-like (or should that be dead-like?) walkers as well as scenery to engage and terrify park goers.

The attraction opens July 4th at Universal Studios Hollywood.

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