This trailer won’t change the minds of many old school Ghostbusters fans, but if this latest International trailer had been the first Ghostbusters Reboot trailer anyone saw, we might have avoided a lot of the band wagon hating that went on. The first trailers were awful, the jokes didn’t fall, the pacing was erratic, and again the jokes were just off. Paul Feig might have had a chance if he’d cut this trailer in the first place. The Question is, did Paul Feig cut this trailer?ghostbusters-2016-trailer-slimer

Sony tweeted out this new trailer:

Here’s the embeded larger version:

Damn, what a difference a good trailer makes. Chris Hemsworth is going to steal this movie. Kate McKinnon finally shines and has more than one out-of-place line. She’ll most likely be the one everyone likes the most.

Now just about now someone is already making comments on Facebook, without even watching this trailer, that it is gonna suck, etc, etc, etc, and this trailer, even if they did watch it, isn’t going to change their mind. What this trailer could have done at a much earlier time was catch those on the fence. It might be too late for some of those people, but let’s be realistic, how many of those people, even the staunch haters, are going to stay away from the movie? Not as many as you’d think.

With a $154 million dollar budget, the film will make money, probably enough to get a sequel. The main problem that many of the old school Ghostbusters have with this reboot is that it is a hard reboot. What’s a hard reboot, that’s when it basically ignores the past completely. Many of the original cast will do cameos, but not as their characters, and that is what has stoked the hate flames even higher.

Honest answer now, if this trailer was the only thing you knew about Ghostbusters, what would your reaction be?

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