When the first trailer for Star Trek Beyond hit the internet, many people were upset by it. Even Simon Pegg (who helped write this current story) was disappointed by the results. However, it seems that everyone can breath a sigh of relief because at a fan event held in the Paramount Pictures studio lot in Hollywood, the second trailer made it’s debut, and it looked good. Not only that, but it seems to have put faith back into some of the fans out there. While there is still an action element, the new trailer explores the human element that was missing from the first.

The second trailer seems to explore limitations of the human species when they’re forced into a life-threatening situation. And based on the trailer, it seems like when they put their minds to it, the human species can defy all odds and all logic to overcome the problems they are faced with.

It also seems to be a recurring joke that the Enterprise gets destroyed in every film. However, it seems that the joke is on the audience as it turns out there’s a greater meaning to the ship blowing up. Here, you have an advanced civilization with ships that can fly through space and travel great distances. But no matter what they do, they can’t seem to keep their ship together. In the end, though, their ship blowing up never mattered because as a species it’s always been that they advanced themselves, and then the technology came along for the ride. By destroying or greatly crippling their ship in the beginning of the film, not only do you take the focus away from the tech, but now you get to shine the light on the real stars of the movie – the people. Which has always been what Star Trek was about. The cool looking ships and futuristic technology were just background noise.

This second trailer does a great job of fixing the mistakes of the first one. The first trailer had a poor music choice, and every scene was a fight scene or someone jumping off a cliff. It never gave a true sense of what the film really is. And based on this second trailer, it looks like fans can breath (a little bit) again. It may not be what allows fans to forgive what happened in the second movie, but at least they can rest easy knowing their beloved franchise hasn’t gone completely off the edge.

Source: Polygon

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