Batman v Superman came into theaters and was immediately met with a massive divisive response. Critics hated it (for not entirely wrong reasons) where general audiences seemed to like it, or at least, found enough in Ben Affleck’s Batman and other moments in the film to win their favor. Arguments on the films qualities are still raging on and likely will continue to carry on for years to come. There is, however, at least one thing that audiences can be unified on. A rumor/suspicion that has now been confirmed by studio itself, Warner Bros.

The rumor in question is in regards to Batman’s former sidekick, Robin. In the film Robin is not around. In fact, he’s dead. A fact revealed by his costume tagged with “The Jokes On You Batman” hanging on display in the Batcave, serving as a gruesome reminder of the things Batman as lost. But which Robin was it? Quite a few have taken up the mantle. Which iteration of the Boy Wonder met his demise? This is the question that has baffled fans. Everyone had their suspicions, and really, the identity could have only ever been the one that made most sense.  Today we finally have our answer, from a rather unsuspecting place, a Warner Bros. studio tour.

The official Facebook page for Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood posted a new video last week, featuring a sneak peek at DC Universe: The Exhibit! The tour guide revealed that all of the items in this exhibit are from the actual movies, revealing a number of costumes from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice before coming to the iconic Robin suit, which has the hand-scrawled message from The Joker. The tour guide confirmed that the movie version of Robin was in fact Jason Todd, the second character to take up the Robin mantle in the comics, after Dick Grayson.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
didn’t reveal any details about Robin’s death, but it seems fairly clear he met his fate at the hands of the Joker. What else could the ‘haha” graffitied on Robins chest imply? It seems this was a fully intended reference to the iconic comic “A Death in the Family,” where Jason Todd/Robin was killed by the Joker.

Now that Jason Todd has been revealed as the late Robin (like it really could have been anyone else), has now led to some chatter and postulating on what this could mean for the future of the DC film universe, with in particular the upcoming Batman solo films. As most fans know, Jason Todd doesn’t stay dead. He * SPOILERS  * gets resurrected and takes on the mantle of The Red Hood and seeks vengeance on Batman for letting him die. One wonders what parts of Death in The Family and the eventual Red Hood might be used in part or entirely inspired from for the basis of the Batman solo flick. Time will tell.

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