First Reviews Describe ‘Suicide Squad’ as #Amazing

suicide squad

Having been in the works since 2009, tensions could hardly higher among the DC fans waiting for the new Suicide Squad movie. It will see the DC Universe’s most dangerous and unpredictable villains coerced onto the side of good in order to save the world from its biggest threat yet. The sneak peeks that fans have been treated to so far have only fuelled the excitment about this film. Between the all star cast and distinctive image that each character has been given, it’s been all but impossible to miss the conversation buzzing around this movie.

Before Suicide Squad is even released, Margot Robbie‘s incarnation of Harley Quinn has some people begging for the character’s own spin off. Jared Leto‘s Joker, meanwhile, has been a topic of fierce debate since promos were first leaked showing the controversial new look and gossip has not died down with the revelations released concerning his extreme method acting.

Whether good or bad, no one can deny that this film has already intrigued fans across the globe. It’s got people talking and, at this point, it can almost be guaranteed that sheer curiosity about it will draw huge profits at the box office.

All this remains true despite fans’ disillusionment with DC following the disappointment that was Batman Vs Superman.

On May 20th 2016, the first screening of Suicide Squad was aired exclusively to a lucky audience. Their reactions to the movie, as broadcast on their social media, show that so far things are looking good.

Some people are advising caution when it comes to these opinions, given that Batman Vs Superman also had a very good intial reaction and has hardly maintained that after its release.

But that doesn’t change the fact some people could hardly speak higher praises of Suicide Squad.

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