The Alien franchise is well-known for the tense atmosphere it seems to so effortlessly create. Ever since Ripley and the crew of the Nostromo came up against the extraterrestrial beings known as the xenomorphs, the Alien films have consistently generated an image of a dark and harrowing world. Whether you enjoyed the films in the Alien universe or not, there is no denying they use a stunning mix of haunting, fully realized creatures and a well developed set to engage an audience. It seems this will be the case with the follow-up to PrometheusAlien: Covenant. Ridley Scott and the cast and crew of Alien: Covenant landed in Sydney to got straight to work on the upcoming movie, where initial pictures have been released from the set.



The pictures look to be in keeping with the stark and often harsh imagery fans have come to expect in the franchise. What started off as a film that had a very limited cast for the creatures to maim and kill, seems to have been pushed out to a much larger scale. In the picture above, a group of human like forms can be seen writhing in despair, covering one another from an attacker and one seemingly begging for their life. Another image seems to show a fight between two creatures that are definitely not human.

There has been speculation that these could be engineers, seen in Prometheus, or an entirely new alien species. It looks like Ridley Scott is not doing this on a small-scale with the large stone head from the engineer temple in Prometheus reappearing in pieces. There has been very little revealed about Alien: Covenant, other than the fact that it is a follow on to Prometheus and now these photos.







The set looks stunning in a definite “hell on earth” scenario in the upcoming Alien movie. Is there something you can read from these images that has been missed? Do you think this fits in with the Alien franchise?

Alien: Covenant is slated for release August 2017.

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