There are some new rumors floating around the Internet about Hugh Jackman‘s last run at Wolverine. We’ve already heard that Wolverine 3 will be “R” rated, include Patrick Stewart‘s Professor X, and be set in the future drawing heavily on the Old Man Logan story line. This latest bit comes from the Nerdist, reporting a source close to the production, that Wolverine will be facing not just Boyd Holbrook‘s as yet un-named original villain, but a number of familiar Wolverine adversaries.

*Potential Spoilers Ahead

The Nerdist reports:

A source close to the production told us that Reavers will be battling old man Logan in Wolverine 3. For newbies to the X-Men, Reavers are a group of cyborgs who’ve operated both as a gang of thieves and an elite military task force. Oh, and they’ve got a history of hatin’ on mutants under the leadership of major X-baddie Donald Pierce. In addition to being half-robot, Pierce allegedly built Reavers to wipe out the mutants and some humans. So he’s a little bit like the X-Men‘s very own Hitler. Fun! As of now, we have two mysterious villains confirmed. First was Boyd Holbrook’s character, and now we know that former Spice Girls manager (in the movie anyway) Richard E. Grant is tied to the movie to play a mad scientist… perhaps Donald Pierce himself?

Ahh the Reavers and Donald Pierce of the Hellfire Club. The Reavers origin started back in X-Men #133 when Wolverine escapes captivity and runs amok.


Wolverine really does a number on the Hellfire security force, carving them up with those fabulous claws of his.


That wasn’t the last Wolverine saw of that group, Donald Pierce went to work on the badly damaged guards and gave them some special upgrades.

Red Guards

One thing led to another and suddenly those one quite human guards are now some super powered cyborgs able to give Wolverine the type of beating he once gave them. Their ranks grew with the addition of Lady Deathstrike.


While many are thinking that Elise Neal will be playing X-23, could she be on the other side of the coin as Lady Deathstrike or will we see Kelly Hu reprise her X-Men 2 role?

Boyd Holbrook’s role is said to be the head of security for a global enterprise. Could that enterprise be the Hellfire Club, with the Reavers as Holbrook’s special security team, created by Hellfire member Donald Pierce?

****If you  haven’t seen X-Men: Apocalypse yet and want to stay clear of spoilers stop here.****





The end credits scene in X-Men: Apocalypse reveals that the Global enterprise is Essex Corp. run by Nathaniel Essex, better known as Mr. Sinister. The Weapons X program center is shown and with the rumors of X-23 showing up in Wolverine 3, this would tie in nicely. That could mean that Mr. Sinister will appear in Wolverine 3 and perhaps be the big bad guy behind the scenes pulling the strings.

What do you think? Does it all add up?

Via: The Nerdist


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