Man In The Iron Mask

This season of The Flash has been a blast.  You can read Nerd Bastard’s review here.  We got to see Earth-2, Cisco discovered even cooler powers, we got to see a better version of Harrison Wells, and got yet another badass speedster bad guy in the form of Zoom.  Once again Barry Allen was tested in ways he could never imagine.  Just like in the end of season one, season two opened the doors for eve crazier storylines for next season.  We might actually get to see the Flashpoint storyline next season, crossing fingers.

One of the mysteries surrounding season two of The Flash centered on a man locked up in Zoom’s vault on Earth-2.  Whenever someone was locked in Zoom’s prison, they were “cellmates” with another prisoner.  A prisoner who was mute and only communicated to them through knocks on his glass door.  The man in the mask would get upset at the mention of Jay Garrick, and many suspected this was because Jay Garrick was, in fact, Zoom.  Many theories were floating around as to who the Man in the Iron Mask was.  Was he another version of Jay Garrick?  Was he Earth-2’s Henry Allen?  Was he Earth-2’s Eddie Thawne?  However the season two finale revealed who he was.

Real Jay Garrick

The Man in the Iron Mask was none other than the real Jay Garrick. However this Jay Garrick was from Earth-3. When Zoom came to Earth-3, he kidnapped that Earth’s heroic speedster and adopted a hero persona from him on Earth-2. Unable to take the real Jay Garrick’s speed, Zoom decided to keep him as a prisoner, and he most certainly would have done the same for our Earth’s Barry Allen after defeating him. The prison would serve almost as a trophy room for all the Flash speedsters that he has defeated.

By the end of the episode, Earth-3’s Jay Garrick was freed. With the iron mask removed, the Speedforce dampening field stopped working, and Earth-3’s hero was once again able to use his Speedforce abilities. Earth-3’s Jay Garrick was that version of Barry’s father Henry Allen, and Barry even referred that the maiden name on his father’s side down the family line was Garrick, he just never put it together until now. Jay thanked Team Flash for saving him and went to help Harrison Wells his daughter Jesse get back to Earth-2. Now that the real Jay Garrick has been revealed, and with the news that the Justice Society of America was revealed on Legends of Tomorrow, it’s highly doubtful this will be the last time we’ve seen him in the “Arrowverse,” since the real Jay Garrick was a founding member in the comics books.

Season three of The Flash will return this fall.

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