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George Miller (Mad Max, Happy Feet) had a fantastic story and plans to develop a superhero team film which would have pre-dated The Avengers. Budget was agreed upon, the location for filming was decided, the principal shooting for the film was set to begin. Heck, even a title was chosen… Justice League Mortal. Then the writer’s strike of 2007 and Warner Bros. indefinitely putting the hold on what could have been an outstanding film which held true to the comic books.

The script had been written by the team of Kieran and Michele Mulroney (Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows), which after the ceasing of production was leaked on the internet. And though this project was shut down in the eleventh hour and hung in limbo for nearly a decade, there are some still out there who remember. Those that still yearn for the day this story is told. And just recently, the story DID get told.

Comic Bug comics shop in Manhattan Beach, California recently hosted an in-house event where a cast of actors would be on hand for a live table read of the Justice League Mortal script. Though not the actors who were originally intended to feature in the film, Miller’s story gets a delightful walkthrough and allows you to witness his vision for the Justice League.


The Comic Bug presents a live script table read of George Miller’s JUSTICE LEAGUE MORTAL.

Participating in the live table read of Justice League Mortal:

Adam Marcus — Narrator, Alfred Pennyworth
Jennifer Wenger — Wonder Woman/Diana Prince
Tracy Drolet — Iris Allen
Curtis Fortier — The Flash/Barry Allen
Will Dixon — Batman/Bruce Wayne
Nathan Hedrick — Maxwell Lord
Scott Koblish — Martian Manhunter/John Jones, Brother Eye, OMAC Alpha
Debra Sullivan — Talia al Ghul
Casper Van Dien — Superman/Clark Kent
Cole Rommel — Wally West
Rafael Navarro — Aquaman/Arthur Curry
Eddie Jordan, III — Green Lantern/John Stewart
Chris Saunders — Music and SFX

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